Logo   Strikeforce Houston: Jorge Gurgel holds no hard feelings
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HardHittingHeeb site profile image  

8/23/10 7:42 PM by HardHittingHeeb

Classy guy. Sometimes I feel like his only fan.He was great hands - it's not Wanging when you really are a warrior.

FieryErmine site profile image  

8/23/10 7:42 PM by FieryErmine

Seems like everyone has a lot of faith in Jorge's takedown skills. I'd think that Noon's defensive wrestling might play a part in whether Gurgel's BJJ would come into play.

MMAINCA site profile image  

8/23/10 5:24 PM by MMAINCA


Cyril Jeff site profile image  

8/23/10 3:53 PM by Cyril Jeff

 big fan of Jorge, wish him the best...

PeteGuirguess site profile image  

8/23/10 2:57 PM by PeteGuirguess

he did good in the stand-up .... won the first 3 minutes easily, out-striking Noones with leg kicks and body kicks. Everyone says his strategy was stupid, NO, it wasn't... He tried to wear his legs down and did damage with the kicks. Also, he shot a takedown and was stuffed rather easily. He doesn't have good takedown skills. He is a warrior

SPoulin site profile image  

8/23/10 2:54 PM by SPoulin

He should try some of that Jiu Jitsu I've heard so much about.

T-Ham site profile image  

8/23/10 2:14 PM by T-Ham

 GJ is all class. He could have EASILY gone the other direction with the interview and nobody would blame him.

freelife site profile image  

8/23/10 2:04 PM by freelife

jorge had his number. lol. winning the 1st round? lol. the guy obviously got his brain scrambled if he thinks he had a chance in hell in that fight. i bet if you ask him today, he doesnt want a rematch.

swiftnhbfighter site profile image  

8/23/10 1:47 PM by swiftnhbfighter

 There is no one more courageous then Jorge. He is my hero!

supersonic site profile image  

8/23/10 1:30 PM by supersonic

class interview.