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8/25/10 6:23 PM by ultmma

 TTT Was going to TTT for each castmember of The Expenables but thats just overdoing it

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8/25/10 12:28 PM by ultmma

Sorry about the audio difficulties in the opening minute of the video. The video was shot with a Panasonic camera (one not made specifically for video) A transcript of the first minute is below Couture does give a nice breakdown of James Toney’s stand-up skills as they relate to MMA and he reveals which member of Xtreme Couture has been assigned to imitate Toney during training camp. ULTMMA.com: Talk about the difference between being a coach and being a dad. Where do you draw that line? Randy Couture: Well Dad doesn't really play into to it in this situation. You have to stay objective and do your job. You're his eyes and ears in a lot of ways on the outside. He's got a good crew of guys here at Xtreme Couture. We've been working a lot on his kickboxing. He's ready to. He's worked hard. It should be fun. ULTMMA: Watching him in the ring, do you see similarities to yourself? What do you see that is different? Couture: He's got a unique style. Obviously he's fighting at 155. He's finished most of his fights by submission. He's a very good submission guy. He's got a decent wrestling background. His striking is pretty good. If, I were to categorize him he would be a submission guy.