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Announcers already compared him to Anderson

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Whambo site profile image  

4/14/12 1:17 AM by Whambo

Way cocky with the raising his arm in his first fight, but np with the kick. Fight was not over.

SikRick site profile image  

4/14/12 12:02 AM by SikRick

 Refs fault

DoomFarmer site profile image  

4/13/12 11:51 PM by DoomFarmer

 Hilarious that he has been rubbing people the wrong way since his very first fight. You can complain about the "hate" the guy gets or claim that he is "doing something right", like the old BS Katt Williams defense...but generally when something about the way you come off bothers this many people, something is off. Immensely talented, but he seems to be a social disaster, most likely just due to his immaturity and age. People tend to forget how young he is. If I had his skills I would handle it all a lot worse and my ego wouldn't be able to fit in an arena. Even still, I hate the guy and always will for making Shogun look so terrible and paying him almost no mind in the lead up to the fight, same with Machida. Fahk you, guy. 

RamboJesus site profile image  

4/13/12 11:43 PM by RamboJesus

Lateral Drop, suplex basically the same thing.

Richard Rodriguez site profile image  

4/12/11 3:38 AM by Richard Rodriguez

the fight wasnt over not until the ref stops it .. the announcers are ignorant

Arachnoid site profile image  

3/9/11 3:11 AM by Arachnoid

How the fuck is someone like Jones "humbled"??? Dude is as humble as they come. Haters gonna hate.

West Coast Nancy site profile image  

3/9/11 2:20 AM by West Coast Nancy

another illegal blow during a match by jon joneshis actions speak a different picture than his words

TurdFergusson site profile image  

3/9/11 1:57 AM by TurdFergusson

Somehow deep down I can sense that Jon Jones will be responsible for the first UFC related death... just a feeling I get

JT42382 site profile image  
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3/9/11 1:53 AM by JT42382

 Something about Jones' character just doesn't sit well to me; he seems like a disingenious person IMO

RedVexx site profile image  

3/8/11 8:44 PM by RedVexx

Clear mis match...Surprised Jones did not finish him in the first minute with that rear naked...