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4/7/11 12:35 PM by Joe Lauzon

 Few things...  1) Woody runs a Call of Duty youtube channel which I subscribe too. He also runs a podcast that he had me on as a guest, and we started talking about training and how he used to train a long time ago. He said if he was ever around Boston we should roll... so thats what happened when he came to Boston for PAX. Was definitely a friendly match and not some kind of challenge match or anything like that. His channel is  http://www.youtube.com/woodysgamertag 2) Chris is a lying whore... and tries to say he "created" the stack pass, when I had been doing it for months. He had a general idea about how to make someone uncomfortable, while I had a set system I had been working on for a while.  3) The Russian guy runs an AWESOME channel on YouTube where he shoots guns and blows stuff up... it's awesome. Here is the link, and one of his videos http://www.youtube.com/fpsrussia  

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4/4/11 10:04 PM by Ansari


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4/4/11 4:49 PM by jittaz


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4/4/11 4:02 PM by Morgz

 You could always rename it and write a book about it  :p

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4/4/11 3:41 PM by goonskwad

someone get this Russian guy on the strikeforce commentary team

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4/4/11 3:39 PM by Logan1000

For later

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4/4/11 3:35 PM by nowaydo

That pass is a variation of a "tozi" pass.Randy C. and Dan Henderson show it on their instructional. Joe Moreira also has a variation. It works so well that I don't use it much anymore(and my partners hate it).

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4/4/11 3:05 PM by YouCantHandleMyRiddum

lol the commentator is FPSRussia. In his youtube account, he has a bunch of videos where he tests guns and explosives.

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4/4/11 3:00 PM by Chris

 we call that a stack pass at our gym. I invented it :)

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4/4/11 2:58 PM by xxzygotexx

 For later...