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Essentially it is underground MMA with Jens Pulver promoting for it.

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HaMMerHouseFAN site profile image  

5/10/11 9:39 PM by HaMMerHouseFAN

 My homepage is the login screen so I never see the front page

CarlWinslow site profile image  

5/10/11 4:24 AM by CarlWinslow

How are you a redname and post something that has been on the front page and two months late at that, you should comment on that thread

Mudderfaeg site profile image  

5/10/11 3:57 AM by Mudderfaeg

Is it gonna be like Def Jam FFNY? That game was the shxt!

Markos site profile image  

5/10/11 3:19 AM by Markos

If I can play as Jens..... im gonna have to buy it.

HaMMerHouseFAN site profile image  

5/9/11 10:14 PM by HaMMerHouseFAN

Just saw this game and thought I would share. Essentially it is underground MMA. I don't really care as long as the gameplay is good but I can't say I was too excited about it after wathing the video...