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Members of the Gracie family vs Karate black belts. (6:12)

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FlashGordon2002 site profile image  

5/22/09 12:44 PM by FlashGordon2002

It's from the first Gracies in Action video with Rorion commentating.

Master Shredder site profile image  

11/23/08 12:35 AM by Master Shredder

Its actually Rorion doing the commentary and the footage is from Gracies in Action

RaginRedneck169 site profile image  

11/18/08 11:14 PM by RaginRedneck169

Anybody know where this footage came from? That's obviously Rickson doing the commentary, but is it from some sort of Auto-biography?

jaseprobst site profile image  

4/10/08 10:25 PM by jaseprobst

GIA baby!