Logo   Genki Sudo vs Royler Gracie
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MMA fight with KO finish. (4:21)

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AZZHOLE site profile image  

5/14/11 3:17 PM by AZZHOLE

GRACIES ARE PATHETIC....they go for a takedown,knowing that they are wussies then jump guard(orginal plan) ..... WEAK

10er site profile image  

11/12/10 5:27 AM by 10er

That ref was a joke, I counted seven punches being allowed to land after Gracie was clearly KO'd.

LesnarForPresident site profile image  

6/12/10 4:22 PM by LesnarForPresident

wouldnta happened in the states, those were knees to a grounded opponent

BigNat site profile image  

1/31/10 5:55 PM by BigNat

WOW didn't expect that

Stakk5150 site profile image  

1/24/10 3:21 PM by Stakk5150

*Please touch gloves with, please touch gloves with me*

TSGIGOR site profile image  

5/11/09 4:31 AM by TSGIGOR