Logo   Royce Gracie vs. Judo
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Royce Gracie enters a Judo tournament. (0:45)

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Choked72 site profile image  

1/17/10 4:09 PM by Choked72

his legs weren't kicking, they were twitching from being choked out. Train much?

macbjj site profile image  

1/15/10 12:34 AM by macbjj

"the opponent tried to get out of the ring" no actually he went for a throw. also, i didnt see him pass out at all....his legs were kicking till the end of the video. Is anyone else tired of hearing the Gracies go on about how great they are? Fuck em I'm sick of their bragging and postureing....sure they invented a great martial art, but pull your head out of your own asses and people might actually respect you and not want to see you lose all the time.

jayflo145 site profile image  

5/28/09 6:57 PM by jayflo145

This is a weak sauce "local shmocal" tourney which proves nothing. This video has been played to death! I have a ton of respect for Royce's grappling skills, but, ......this has no bearing on how he'd do vs. Judo in general.

xakx site profile image  

6/24/08 11:14 AM by xakx

Royce Gracie!

Triangles site profile image  

6/23/08 10:42 AM by Triangles

train judo?