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Mariusz Pudzianowski Working on his Ground Game
12/15/09 10:25 AM

Mariusz Pudzianowski Working on his ...


 The trainer said that Pudz only had 2 months to train for his first fight against the boxer, so therefore couldn't train all the ranges effectively, thus they focused on training what would work against him. They focus their training according to the next opponent (Hence leg kick into GnP against Nijman). He says he'll train differently against a boxer as against a wrestler as against a karate guy. They try and get top guys to be his partners. He does grappling in the morning and striking in the evening. He'll put it all together during his sparring sessions. Other titbits - he used to also play rugby back in the day, apart from doing boxing and karate. He is on schedule with his training development. His trainer is very happy with his progress during these short months. (3:12)