Toby Imada Talks Crazy Submission


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andre site profile image  

5/6/09 11:45 AM by andre

Wow...Toby is still fighting?We used to train together a bit YEARS maybe 12 years ago. I always thought he had the most talent but the least drive. He is such a gifted guy. It's great to see him doing well. Awesome.

Snappy Whistleteeth site profile image  

5/6/09 10:39 AM by Snappy Whistleteeth

Good read, nice job.Classy guy that Imada.

Card site profile image  

5/6/09 10:26 AM by Card

tttoby.... going to be a tough fight against Alvarez. Did you speak to Masvidal after the fight? "Yeah, he actually approached me after the fight. He was very respectful. He came up to me and congratulated me. He told me that he basically didn't have any idea what was going on and what I was doing to him until it was too late. "