Brandon Wolff: “I got Beat up Pretty Good"

“I got beat up pretty good. He got me good. I made the mistake of staying in a Muay Thai clinch a little too long and I paid the man…. I was more mentally distraught than anything. I was just unhappy about how I got destroyed in my debut. But I healed up good. And I just wanted to get back in there as soon as possible. . . . I was just happy to get a second chance. I didn’t think I was going to get one…. It was the first time ever that I’ve got my ass kicked. It was a good learning experience — something that’s never going to happen again…. It just didn’t go as planned…. I’m really fortunate to be fighting again in the UFC. And I feel like I owe myself and everybody else out there a war, an exciting fight. And that’s what I’ve been preparing myself for.”

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UFC 98: Yoshiyuki Yoshida (10-3) vs. Brandon Wolff (7-3)
Yoshiyuki YoshidaBrandon Wolff

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IrishFighter110 site profile image  

5/8/09 4:03 AM by IrishFighter110

lol at Rogan shitting his pants over that clinch and comparing it to Anderson Silvas.

MoodyR1 site profile image  

5/8/09 3:32 AM by MoodyR1

Brandon got overwhelmed right off the bat in the the fight with Ben Saunders. He never got a chance to get off. For everyone that talks shit about him because of that one fight you're an idiot.I haven't seen much of Yoshida besides the fight with War Machine and Koscheck. I guarantee Brandon's stand up is better than Koschecks and his ground game is definatly better than War Machines. I'd say Brandon wins by TKO. Hopefully KO.

southsidesti site profile image  

5/7/09 7:22 PM by southsidesti

Yoshida chokes him out in the 1st

MMArijuana site profile image  

5/7/09 7:00 PM by MMArijuana


inf0 site profile image  

5/7/09 6:24 PM by inf0

this can guy is the reason people think Ben Saunders is the next Andreson Silva.. lol

SWCLacksta site profile image  

5/7/09 5:58 PM by SWCLacksta

yoshida will win, imo.