Chris Wilson Survives Armed Robbery in Brazil


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BabyZeus site profile image  

5/28/09 2:34 PM by BabyZeus

Best of luck bro and stay safe!

Vinicius  site profile image  

5/28/09 4:52 AM by Vinicius

Moving out of Rio is the best thing that You could have done Bro.I mean, I love that place, my family and best friends are still there, but there's no way for me to move back to Rio, that place scares me... Good luck Bro, keep in touch!

CruJones site profile image  

5/18/09 9:50 PM by CruJones

Best of luck and glad to hear your good!!

Oddessa site profile image  

5/18/09 8:14 PM by Oddessa

 Good luck man. Glad no one was harmed, but the PTS can be brutal for life.  All the best 2 you and family and have safe return.

fight4real site profile image  

5/18/09 8:09 PM by fight4real

 Hello UG, Thanks for all the kindness and the well wishes. For now I'm trying to focus on the fight and stay in touch with the family down here even more than usual. People say forget about it and focus on the fight but it isn't a light switch. I just keep thinking about how everyone is okay and that I've trained hard and I'm ready to fight. This was just bad timing for something like this. It's life though, could happen to anyone... We haven't given up on Brazil but we are moving out of Rio. I have spent over half of my life here in Brazil and never had problems. You hear about them all the time but in the seventeen years I've spent here, Rio is where I had a problem and it only took 4.5 months. Guess we'll move... hahaha Gotta catch a plane now. 

marcovia site profile image  

5/18/09 3:07 PM by marcovia

Chris Wilson is good people. best wishes to him and his family.

TBidness site profile image  

5/18/09 2:48 PM by TBidness

Thank God Chris and his family is alright.

Link site profile image  

5/17/09 4:17 PM by Link

I went to Rio last summer and had a blast but was very cautious. After reading this it makes me want to rethink another trip. It was very strange getting locked in a restaurant and wondering about a fire exit. My friend then told me that they were locking the robbers out of the restaurant. She feels much safer in the USA than in Brazil.

Kirkor Papasian site profile image  

5/16/09 7:44 PM by Kirkor Papasian

 glad to hear hes okay, couldve turned out horribly.

worldfightfan site profile image  

5/16/09 7:37 PM by worldfightfan

Vinny is like a lot of Brazilians here in US, they appreciate that its safer here and more opportunity as well. Brazil has so many problems it is hard to change the society despite the motto "order and progress" on the flag.