Mikey Burnett vs. Pat Miletich 2

by Mikey Burnett | source: theUG


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6/26/09 3:27 PM by mrzipplokk

 This thread is frozen until someone can delete and ban those on here who are talking shit.

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6/26/09 3:22 PM by TheeSenator

 LOL FIGHTER BASHING IS A BANNABLE OFFENSE....... Whoever the fuck you are... I doubt your ass has even stepped foot into a gym, never mind ever actually fought... So for someone in your position to sit behind a computer screen and type shit about a guy who help bring this sport into the spot where it is today is just well for the lack of better words. Bullshit. Shut the fuck up really... You're going to be banned with that shit..... I would love to make you lick my sweaty balls right now Ted Turner.... Where do you live???

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6/26/09 3:19 PM by White347LX

Namecaller, don't come on this thread trying to be all reasonable and shit. I will not hesitate to V you TFD if you do it again!

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6/26/09 3:17 PM by Blmfighter

So Mikey, you come on the internet and tell people about how you have it bad and that your neck is messed up. You then come on and say you might be fighting for Strikeforce without it being set. Which is like me saying that I'm fighting for the UFC. It's not going to happen! When people agree with you it is great and your happy. However when people say you are nuts and just like drama in your life you say you don't care what people think.Bullshit! If you didn't care you would not be on hear telling everyone all this stuff, you would keep your mouth shut on all your hard times.I hope you can find a way to get your neck fixed so you can fight again. If you do I hope you kick some ass!

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6/26/09 3:16 PM by Ted Turner

mike is a cry baby charity case on a direct road to suicidei doubt he could get off the vics long enough to pass a piss test anyway

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6/26/09 3:14 PM by White347LX

That's deep, man.

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6/26/09 3:14 PM by NameCaller

Well put terrible, I'm just saying; have a heart. Here's a guy who put his own well being on the line for our enterainment. Love him or hate him you paid to watch him fight (well probably not the noobs but they can eat a cack -lol). Now he's kinda fucked up physically and it just seems cold to lash out at him at this point for shit that happened so long ago. Can you fault the guy for wanting to fight?Like I said back on page 1 or 2; I've never met Mikey but I have known several people who do (men who's opinions I respect greatly FWIW) and everybody says the same thing; that he's an honest, down-to-earch guy that will give you the shirt off his back and that one episode ("the hand's damn fine...) isn't really who he is as a person.I know people say the same thing about Pat too (more or less) and I tend to believe them as well. Just sayin'.

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6/26/09 3:14 PM by TheeSenator

 Dude, Ted,,,, You're a horrid troll... GTFO.

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6/26/09 3:12 PM by mrzipplokk

 Will OMA (TM) be in the corner ? he's famous you know.

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6/26/09 3:10 PM by Ted Turner

so you beat off to mma at home then?