Mikey Burnett vs. Pat Miletich will never happen

by Mikey Burnett | source: theUG


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TheeSenator site profile image  

7/6/09 11:39 PM by TheeSenator

 FYI - the doctor who my wife thinks would be a great one to see owns the Cains Ballroom.. Real cool guy, laid back and is one hell of a spine and specialty doctor.

TheeSenator site profile image  

7/6/09 11:32 PM by TheeSenator

 Mikey, I will talk to you tomorrow but not all hope is lost my friend. I spoke to my wife about you seeing a different doctor here in Tulsa and I need for you to grab copies of your x-rays, cat scans, and MRI. There's always a chance my brother.. If I gave up when I wanted to I wouldn't be here now. See you on the mat bro!

yabadaba site profile image  

7/6/09 11:04 PM by yabadaba

I don't think this forum was around back then but there was something similar through email (the "fight list" I think the first one was called). I'm sure you already know this but you were definitely considered the best at your weight (Pat had his supporters but he also took a lot of abuse for fighting lesser opponents). It sucks not only for you but also for the sport that the rematch didn't happen. I'm sorry to hear about your current issues. You've had some tough breaks but you seem to have the right attitude - what does not kill me makes me stronger.

mikey burnett site profile image  

7/6/09 9:28 AM by mikey burnett

....I was offered some fights about a year later, I believe Shogi Anjo was one Matt Hughes..... I tried to come back and fight Hughes I think it was, but got bit by a brown recluse, that put me back at least a year....everything kinda went down hill after the title loss, the momentum in my life really changed. I had a very young new family and was trying to make ends meet. running a school, and hoping fighting would pan out..... Looking back all of the bad things where good for me, IO learned many lessons. I'm a different person, probably not much of a fighter as a Philosopher.

U4EA site profile image  

7/5/09 2:47 PM by U4EA

Mikey,Is this, perchance, your good self?http://www.boxrec.com/list_bouts.php?human_id=134511&cat=boxer

yabadaba site profile image  

7/5/09 12:30 PM by yabadaba

Mikey, In the late 90s you were by general consensus the best in your weight class when you stopped fighting. After your fight with Townsend Saunders you should have got a title shot against Miletich. I know that was the fight you wanted and it wasn't offered to you but did the UFC offer you any fights after that? If they did not why didn't you fight for another organization?

Roccy site profile image  

7/5/09 11:15 AM by Roccy

 Are you at least prescribed a lovely array of narcotic painkillers for the pain?  Just sniffed up my morning 80mg Oxy myself

mikey burnett site profile image  

7/5/09 11:11 AM by mikey burnett

I still have goals, this thing is killing me someone elsae dictating my future , but I will get my black in BJJ and compete again in ADCC......

Sagiv Lapkin site profile image  

7/2/09 12:20 PM by Sagiv Lapkin

 I'd get another opinion. See what another doc says.

Leghound site profile image  

7/2/09 12:19 PM by Leghound

Gotcha. That fucking sucks dood (not that you don't know that already). TTT to get the story out there.