GSP’s Gatorade Deal Hits the United States

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GSP’s Gatorade Deal Hits the U.S.

When it was announced that Georges St. Pierre had signed an endorsement deal with Gatorade Canada in March, observers pegged it as a major step forward in MMA’s “mainstream” market acceptance. As with Caol Uno and his Nike sponsorship in Japan, though, it still didn’t feel all that tangible to North American fans. (Let’s face it: We’re an insulated, self-involved culture. If it’s not happening here, it’s not happening.)

But if you’re willing to crack open the new issue of Rolling Stone -- and can suffer the indignity of buying a magazine with a Jonas brothers cover -- you might be pleased to see a two-page spread for Gatorade’s “G” campaign featuring St. Pierre decked out in green trunks. He’s not identified by name, but it’s an obvious signal that blue-chip companies are willing to acknowledge the sport’s sizable influence and its ability to arrest the attention of key demographics.

"Georges' relationship with Gatorade has recently expanded into the U.S., where he will be featured in a national print campaign launching July 1 that includes Rolling Stone and outdoor advertising in the New York City and Los Angeles markets,” St. Pierre’s manager, Shari L. Spencer, told Sherdog/ “We're excited that this relationship now reaches his fans in the U.S. as well as in Canada, and we're proud to be part of the Gatorade team."

Why this pleases me, I’m not sure: probably because St. Pierre, like so many others before him, didn’t get into MMA with designs on becoming a spoiled athlete. Considering the faint pulse of the sport at the time of his 2002 debut, it was just as likely he’d soon have to consider an alternative career. That he’s now cashing checks based on a love of something he might have done for free? It just seems fair. Take the risk, reap the rewards. 

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7/1/09 2:25 PM by WISEGUY66


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7/1/09 2:00 PM by FCFBlazer


Haole site profile image  

7/1/09 1:58 PM by Haole

 not exactly breakhrough stuff, Faber has been a PepsiCo brand sponsored fighter for a couple years now No Fear Energy Drink > SoBe > PepsiCo Gatorade > Quaker Oats > PepsiCo site profile image  

7/1/09 1:15 PM by

 LOL Everyone see this?

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7/1/09 1:11 PM by EvilMaster

Truest post in the history of the UG. Congrats.

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7/1/09 1:09 PM by Knux

 lol yep

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7/1/09 1:05 PM by Misedukatd

Considering which entity is more widely known, it's almost like Gatorade is endorsing GSP rather than the other way around.

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7/1/09 1:01 PM by SmashedAceHole

well 100 k is peanuts to gatorade its the smaller brands that are going to have trouble with that one

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7/1/09 12:57 PM by anunaki

are they gonna pay the UFC 100k to be on GSP's shorts?

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7/1/09 9:44 AM by Veegoh

lolThis should be looked upon as a huge step forward in the legitimacy(spelling) of modern MMA. Hopefully greed will not deter big sponsers like this from wanting to do business with fighters.