Hardonk thwarts attempted LA robbery

by Kevin Iole | source: yahoo.com

Hardonk thwarts attempted LA robbery

Score one for the good guys, finally.

Antoni hardonk, a heavyweight who competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, had just finished a training session last month in Los Angeles near Los Angeles International Airport.

He was talking with his attorney, Nima Safapour, when three young men approached him. They asked if he had money so they could buy cigarettes.

"My feeling is I want to help someone if I can, so I pulled out my wallet," Hardonk said.

But he had no change or small bills, so he told the men, whom he estimated to be between 18 and 20 years old, that he couldn't help them.

That's when one of them pulled out a homemade knife, which he said had about a two-inch blade, and demanded his wallet. Hardonk, who is 6 feet 4 and around 250 pounds, was surprised.

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Meohfumado site profile image  

7/5/09 4:23 AM by Meohfumado

TTT for Hardonk's Batman impersonation.Milk the good press dude, you deserve it.

Harmon_Whistler site profile image  

7/4/09 8:53 PM by Harmon_Whistler

TOPvoor onze held

Dougie site profile image  

7/4/09 7:06 PM by Dougie

 YAY HARDONK! Good job!

Harmon_Whistler site profile image  

7/4/09 6:41 PM by Harmon_Whistler

  We're all dying to hear your new single.

Meohfumado site profile image  

7/4/09 3:49 PM by Meohfumado

The guy who he came to rescue of is one of my employees. He called me the next day with that whopper of a story as to why he wasn't into work. He's not an MMA fan, but he knows I am, and he said he got saved from a mugging by a UFC fighter and I was very doubtful...until he said the guy's name was Hardonk...a name I knew he couldn't have known off the top of his head.

dhughes site profile image  

7/4/09 12:51 PM by dhughes

Damn elitist Dutch bastards....I play in a band with a Dutchie. He plays the KEYTAR and listens to Plastikman. What does that say about you people???:P

Sebastiaan site profile image  

7/4/09 12:42 PM by Sebastiaan

Yumyum - Formeel ben ik een Nederlander; een Hollander is iemand die in de provincie Zuid of Noord Holland woont. Mij een hollander noemen, is hetzelfde als dat ik jou een waal noem.

deepstrike site profile image  

7/4/09 12:39 PM by deepstrike

Wow, did I touch a nerve?

Sebastiaan site profile image  

7/4/09 12:36 PM by Sebastiaan

Greetings to Antoni from the Netherlands - BJJ Den Bosch You know!