GSP Gatorade Commercial

source: GatoradeCanada

tags: georges st. pierre   GSP   video   

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Elchristian site profile image  

7/10/09 11:46 AM by Elchristian

" You can Fight this commercial"

Naughty Gorilla site profile image  

7/10/09 11:40 AM by Naughty Gorilla

it was decent

Adam3000 site profile image  

7/10/09 10:38 AM by Adam3000

 Thats exactly what I was thinking.  The production values on that are absolutely terrible, I hope it was just an internet short and not an ad that they actually put on television Good concept, horrendous execution

canuck34 site profile image  

7/10/09 10:27 AM by canuck34

Is Gatoraide having financial troubles these days?Their recent adds look like they were made by a grade 11 film class.

disbeliever site profile image  

7/10/09 10:01 AM by disbeliever


grachuss site profile image  

7/10/09 6:46 AM by grachuss

That was pretty stupid.

FSMA site profile image  

7/10/09 6:35 AM by FSMA

TTT for a true champion in and out of the octagon.

Ironclad site profile image  

7/10/09 6:33 AM by Ironclad

The commercial itself is pretty funny. It goes through some long buildup of how you can fight a lot of things and then at the end it says, "but you should never, ever, fight George St. Pierre." At that point they focus on GSP's face while he's all smiles and not looking menacing in the slightest lol. GSP is the man though.  It's good to see mma fighters get major sponsors like Gatorade.

Universl site profile image  

7/10/09 6:10 AM by Universl

LOL...awesome commercial.

Knux site profile image  

7/9/09 4:47 PM by Knux

 thanks, UG news