Kit Cope: Gina sex tape, Xtreme Couture overhyped





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BrazilianBomber site profile image  

7/14/09 6:13 PM by BrazilianBomber

 UG News, late as always. Search function motherfucker, do you use it?


7/14/09 6:05 PM by K-Dub-"T"

Did not know this. i honestly thought it was a new employee or a news scraping bot. But lol @ blaming Chris. ha!  

unity site profile image  

7/14/09 5:58 PM by unity

so it's like the handicapped kills the person he overhears the story from and throws them in a boiler?then if you see a story with UG news we should all immediately make another thread with the original source and discuss the story thereTHEY CAN TAKE AWAY OUR LIVES, BUT THEY WILL NEVER TAKE OUR FREEDOM!

Steamfitter site profile image  

7/14/09 5:51 PM by Steamfitter

 the handicapped kid doesnt have the ability to move threads to a what if? forum. if you check the place out you will find many threads that broke stories first and  were shit canned the moment one of the admins made a UG News thread about the same story.

Golden Boy site profile image  

7/14/09 5:46 PM by Golden Boy

Kirik, stop protecting me. I posted it. Sorry gang.

MrSmiff site profile image  

7/14/09 5:43 PM by MrSmiff

appology accepted

Kirik site profile image  

7/14/09 5:39 PM by Kirik

As I have stated previously, Chris and I put up the UG news. If there is something you don't like, it was definitely Chris. Actually, the double post was me. We are really trying hard to avoid posting previously posted news. I was tied up with something else, and did not check the forum carefully, and I apologize.

anunaki site profile image  

7/14/09 5:37 PM by anunaki

My cack would melt, from over fapping....

john joe site profile image  

7/14/09 5:10 PM by john joe

if a gina carano secks tape was ever leaked, the internet would actually melt

vengence site profile image  

7/14/09 5:05 PM by vengence

Cope is suck a fuckstain