Kit Cope: I was kidding about Carano sex tape



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David@AccutestMi site profile image  

7/20/09 6:26 AM by David@AccutestMi

  Kit, You don't seem to understand how this works.   - You say you have a sex tape.   - UG Ninja's are put in place, and start the insults   - Insults are in place meant to upset you enough to post   -  We then spread rumors that Gina hates you and says nasty stuff like your penis looks like a rounded flat punching pad  - You fire back with some insults - We make up more stuff "from gina" and provoke you to post said "Sex Tape" - You do. - Fap Fap Fap - Fap Fap Fap - Fap Fap Fap - Gina finds out and gets really mad at you - The UG doesn't care - The population of the UG dwindles down to 2. - Fap Fap Fap - We all get a good laugh except you and Gina - More fapping takes place and the world forgets about the tape. You two are now around 80 years old. 

RyanWilcox site profile image  

7/20/09 5:43 AM by RyanWilcox

I hope you got the attention that you were seeking.Now please go away and retire from sucking.

Ghengiseanie site profile image  

7/20/09 5:33 AM by Ghengiseanie

The test of character is when you behave appropriately in places where you are unobserved, unmarshalled and unregulated. Brownie points are materialistic gains unworthy of those with character, you philistine.

BabyZeus site profile image  

7/18/09 12:48 AM by BabyZeus


PrettyBoy site profile image  

7/17/09 11:25 PM by PrettyBoy

 It's True

GaryG site profile image  

7/17/09 9:38 PM by GaryG

Well said

TheCoach site profile image  

7/17/09 9:31 PM by TheCoach

BrentP site profile image  

7/17/09 9:12 PM by BrentP

It's ok dude... Gina doesn't look at the UG forums, so she's not gonna see this and you're not gonna get brownie points.

nofatchicks site profile image  

7/17/09 6:53 PM by nofatchicks

maybe being a steaming douche is what Gina is into, so a lot of you guys DO have a chance.

jay skelding site profile image  

7/17/09 6:51 PM by jay skelding

fukkyou got