Aaron Brink to Be Featured on 'Intervention'

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Aaron Brink Intervention Preview

Aaron was a mixed martial arts champion, but at the height of his career he started working in adult films. Through the porn scene, Aaron was introduced to crystal meth. His daily habit took over and he lost both his film and fighting careers.

He now spends his days using drugs and watching porn for hours on end, and his wife is at the end of her rope.  While Andrea was growing up, she yearned for a relationship with her mostly absent alcoholic father. During high school, she sought solace with her boyfriend, moved out and started a family at 19. Andrea soon became overwhelmed with parenting duties and turned to alcohol. As her drinking escalated she turned to the only person she felt would understand--her father.

Four years ago, Andrea's father passed away and her drinking has since spiraled out of control. Now, she is unable to raise her children and spends her days on her mother's couch drinking. Can an intervention help both Aaron and Andrea?

Monday, July 20th 09:00 pm ET
Tuesday, July 21st 01:00 am ET
A&E Network



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NHB USA site profile image  

7/22/09 10:54 PM by NHB USA

Bro you sound like a hopeless crackhead.  The whole addiction is a "disease" bullshit is only for the Medical Industry to steal millions of dollars each year from average citizens convinced they have a "disease" that they are "treating".  The whole thing is a joke.  You are not a drug addict for life if you happen to become one.  Do not waste money trying to treat this so called "disease".  However, therapy alone can be appropriate because they are basically normal people building your confidence back up.  People telling you drugs are bad and reinstating the fact how easily we die & how short life is.  It is really easy to stop using drugs if you have the desire.  Desire is the key to everything.  Doctors that are putting these patients on medications should be arrested but it will never end, and people will forever continue to be convinced they have a "disease". Its just the way it is, our society has evolved into an era of Pharmacuticals.

KnuckleBumps site profile image  

7/22/09 9:32 PM by KnuckleBumps

havent posted since January till last week?I smell a relapse, you addict

Michael Vronsky site profile image  

7/22/09 9:30 PM by Michael Vronsky

i don't care how fast you type, you don't reach your number of posts in less than two years unless you are spending hours and hours and hours on this site daily.you say that you haven't posted since January? that is even more damning, because it means you reached 17,000+ posts in a year and a few months.face it, that is addictive behaviour. if you are doing all this at work to "kill time" then you must be a terrible dead weight employeei don't care one way or another, do what you like. but if you are going to lecture others about addiction, you might want to look in a mirror

AK-BJJ site profile image  

7/21/09 10:27 PM by AK-BJJ

Would you go to rehab for us? UG addiction is one of the hardest to break

Real Name No Gimmicks site profile image  

7/21/09 8:31 PM by Real Name No Gimmicks

 Why are you so caught up in how many posts I have? I can type fast and I post in 5 subforums of this site. Up until a week ago, I hadn't even posted on this site since January. I have an office job that gets really boring, so I surf/post on the UG to kill time.

fanoffights site profile image  

7/21/09 8:20 PM by fanoffights

Good point. 786 posts a month for 22 months, what the hell have you been posting? What was your other screen name?

Michael Vronsky site profile image  

7/21/09 7:18 PM by Michael Vronsky

17,000+ posts in less than two years? jesus, guess you're still addicted to something

Real Name No Gimmicks site profile image  

7/21/09 6:38 PM by Real Name No Gimmicks

I find those numbers to be bullshit. As a former addict myself, I can tell you what's wrong with that whole process they do. 1. When they stage an intervention, and the parents/friends ask the addict to go to rehab (JUST DO IT FOR MEEEE I LOVE YOU AND I HATE TO SEE THIS), then the already emotionally fragile addict is going to go in there. Not for himself, but his family. (herself/her whoever) In order to be successful in a rehab program YOU have to want to do it. You can't be in there doing it because everyone else wants you to. 2. Of course they are going to say that they have a high success rate. I've watched this show alot, and there are only a handful of cases where the ending credits said that person stayed clean. The majority of them leave teh rehab center after a few weeks and end up relapsing. 3. Drug addicts for the most part will never get "clean". Clean for a drug addict just means they are doing less than they were before. Or maybe they switched it up, instead of doing street meth they get prescriptions of adderall from a doctor (which is done in stimulant abuse cases). Heroin addicts get methadone. They just sub one drug for another, that's not really "clean".  

NHB USA site profile image  

7/21/09 6:24 PM by NHB USA

 They just had a reunion show this year and that same exact question was asked. The host of Intervention said something like 106 have been treated, 2 did not go, and 89 are still clean today.  I'd say thats a pretty damn hign success rate.  Anyone talking shit is an addict that can't get clean themselves.

NHB USA site profile image  

7/21/09 6:22 PM by NHB USA

 Aaron did not get too deep into his history last night but I don't blame him.  He is one crazy awesome mother fucker!