Akihiro Gono expected to make full recovery

by Michael David Smith | source: fanhouse.com


Akihiro Gono Expected to Make Full Recovery After Dan Hornbuckle KO Kick

Japanese MMA fighter Akihiro Gono is expected to make a complete recovery after suffering head and neck injuries when he was knocked out by a brutal head kick from Dan Hornbuckle Sunday.

Hornbuckle's kick was one of the MMA knockouts of the year, a kick that Hornbuckle set up perfectly by grabbing Gono's right foot, planting his own left foot and then driving his right shin into Gono's chin. Gono fell like a chopped down tree, with his neck landing on the rope and his head hitting the canvas.

Gono was taken out of the ring on a stretcher, and Tony Loiseleur of Sherdog reports that Gono was diagnosed with a concussion, possible brain hemorrhaging and damage to his neck. But he is reportedly conscious and alert, and he's expected to be released from the hospital within a day and to make a full recovery.

A well-known fighter in both Japan and North America whose last three fights were in the UFC, Gono fell to 29-15-7 with the loss. Hornbuckle, a native of Mahomet, Illinois who is not very well known outside hard-core MMA fans, improved to 18-2.

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brownchickenbrowncow site profile image  

8/6/09 9:14 PM by brownchickenbrowncow

He may not be top flight yet, but Im sure he can kick just as hard as some of the best at the division. Even a b level ww can fuck some shit up if the kick lands right.

scarfacedave site profile image  

8/6/09 5:02 AM by scarfacedave

I remember a really brutal KO from a while back in Japan. Gono went for an armbar from the bottom and he got picked up and slammed hard.

Wasa-B site profile image  

8/5/09 6:25 PM by Wasa-B

Has he? Once he was KO/TKO'ed vs Henderson but it wasnt that bad iirc. Cant recall the Shogun outcome if it was that bad, But those guys were top LHWs, now he's getting KTFO by B WWs (no offense, Horbuckle aint top flight yet).

crowbar site profile image  

8/4/09 8:46 AM by crowbar

Correction for seeing the very bottom rope.

Jeepster site profile image  

8/4/09 8:43 AM by Jeepster

how did he pick up 7 draws?

spongyfeet site profile image  

8/4/09 8:27 AM by spongyfeet

it reminded me a bit of Markham's KO of Farber. both nasty KO's! glad he's ok, but don't you think after that kind of an injury and KO, maybe he should think about retiring?

WeeWillyWinky site profile image  

8/4/09 5:41 AM by WeeWillyWinky

Was it the kick or the canvas?

scarfacedave site profile image  

8/4/09 4:25 AM by scarfacedave

Damn Gono has been brutally ko'd a few timts

10thplanetzombie site profile image  

8/4/09 4:20 AM by 10thplanetzombie

agree he should retire from mma

CocoonOfHorror site profile image  

8/4/09 4:17 AM by CocoonOfHorror

Pretty scary KO, very happy to hear the prognosis is good for Gono. Congrats to hornbuckle, he is coming up!