UFC 101: Official Suspensions

by Chris Palmquist | source: mixedmartialarts

Courtesy of the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission, the following fighter's have been suspended following their UFC 101 bouts, this past Saturday, August 8th, 2009.

Kenny Florian

45 day suspension; must have CT of facial bones

Forrest Griffin

30 day suspension

Amir Sadollah

30 day suspension

Tamdan McCrory

Indefinite; must have complete eye exam

Dan Cramer

30 day suspension; cuts left eye

Danillo Villefort

30 day suspension; facial cuts

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Recent Comments »

spudink site profile image  

8/10/09 4:51 PM by spudink

Do you not know what indefinite means?

KnuckleBumps site profile image  

8/10/09 4:38 PM by KnuckleBumps

I thought the usual was 90 days

bryanand site profile image  

8/10/09 4:27 PM by bryanand

30 days seems kind of short for KO's. Isn't Nevada longer?

Hus site profile image  

8/10/09 4:24 PM by Hus

Getting beat up calls for an indefinite suspension? Your answer sucks.

Winnson site profile image  

8/10/09 4:23 PM by Winnson

^^He got beat up.

Hus site profile image  

8/10/09 4:22 PM by Hus

Damn, what happened to Tamdan? I never saw the fight...but it went to decision, he got poked or something?