UFC signs Little Nog?

source: tapoutlive.com


From TapOutLive
"Yes my brother is coming very soon to the UFC, for sure, they have already talked to him"
-Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira on the UFC 102 Teleconference:




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mcpeepants232003 site profile image  

8/19/09 12:14 AM by mcpeepants232003

Is CAne healed from those kidney stones or was that just a rumor? Either way Cane/LIl Nog would be an awesome fight and there are literally dozens of interesting match ups available for him.

quidnunc site profile image  

8/19/09 12:14 AM by quidnunc

I'm guessing Big Nog will be cornering all those fights and Joe will be talking about his twin brother Minotauro so not really. OK, maybe a little, but still.

GeneralJackCosmo site profile image  

8/18/09 9:59 PM by GeneralJackCosmo

You laugh now, but I watch the UFCs at a bar and I GUARANTEE I hear this at least three times the first time Lil Nog fights.

Ensanity site profile image  

8/18/09 9:55 PM by Ensanity


whistleblower site profile image  

8/18/09 9:40 PM by whistleblower

The LW division in all of MMA is actually deeper.And while the UFC's 205 division has gotten exponentially better in the last 3 years with the post-TUF boom and the Pride buy-out - for a while, it was perennially just a 4-man rotation of Chuck, Randy, Tito, and alternately Vitor/Babalu.No greater example of the UFC's lack of depth beyond those 4 is the fact that Chuck had already gone through the other 3 guys on his way up - so he had to keep rematching them for his title defenses as well.Because there was no one else left. (They even had to bring Horn back up for another Chuck rematch - even though Horn had been competing at 185 for the previous couple of years - purely for the revenge angle.)So 205 wasn't always "the most stacked division" (at least not in the UFC alone). And this UFC 205 division today is actually MANY times deeper than what it used to be. There really is no comparison. It's on a whole other level now from just 3 years ago.

GeneralJackCosmo site profile image  

8/18/09 9:35 PM by GeneralJackCosmo

lol...ouch."Nog is afraid of Lesnar, so he dropped to light heavyweight. Pussy."

MolsonMuscles site profile image  

8/18/09 9:32 PM by MolsonMuscles

80%, imo. Never underestimate the stupidity of the average "ultimate fighting" fan.

GeneralJackCosmo site profile image  

8/18/09 9:27 PM by GeneralJackCosmo

I don't really think they need King Mo at this point. I think Bones Jones has the potential to be every bit as dynamic as King Mo...the fact is, both need to fight better opponents.

truthisalive site profile image  

8/18/09 9:26 PM by truthisalive


junon site profile image  

8/18/09 9:25 PM by junon

i think he will do much better than his brother initially did.hes like a less worn down version of Rodrigo.