Vera: “I’ll hold both belts – light heavyweight and heavyweight"

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Brandon Vera is tired of all the talking. It is very easy to imagine the typical Vera training sessions as intense mental battles where talking, save light colloquialisms with teammates, is a punishment. Be clear, Vera loves the MMA public. Had it not been for you, me and the world, his highlight reels wouldn’t be celebrated nor his progress considered a beacon for MMA’s bright future. Still when the talking constantly revolves around doubt on his abilities as an athlete and whether he still has that ‘thing’ that made the fans ooze star struck at his very mention, Vera is not much of a conversationalist with the media these days.

“Being hungry, and being broke. No bull,” says Vera when asked why he thinks he became an instant fan and media darling once his brand of fighting was exposed. Vera is one of those kismet stories that arise in sports entertainment every so often when the stars align just right for an instant page turning story. For him it started out just being a fan.

“I watched Randy Couture and Matt Lindland and all those guys fight on TV, and I was like man, that’s cool. I’ve been a fan since the beginning, since before Royce (Gracie). I didn’t even know who Royce was.”

Starting his professional career in 2002, Vera made a name fairly early for himself when it started to become pretty clear he wasn’t a fan of long-distance or lay-and-play styled fighting. With his first win being a first round knockout over Adam Rivera, Vera began a vicious winning trend that wouldn’t end for a while. Next a unanimous decision victory led to two stoppage victories over Andre Mussi and Mike Whitehead, where he walked away with the vacant World Extreme Cagefighting heavyweight championship.

With this now being the battle of the rising stars, Vera hopes to quiet the critics and answer the questions the way he knows best, with his performance inside the Octagon. And when it’s all said and done just like his time in the WEC, he wishes to make his exit reflect a subtle statement.

“I’ll hold both belts – light heavyweight and heavyweight – and then I’ll call it a day. I’ll tell everybody “I told you so,” and I’ll just walk out and call it a day and be done with it.”">read full article...


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inf0 site profile image  

8/23/09 12:54 AM by inf0

Maybe he means he's going to corner Machida and Brock some day and actually hold their belts for them while they fight.....  

Pain dont hurt site profile image  

8/23/09 12:27 AM by Pain dont hurt

Got worked by Sylvia and seemed to give up in that fight.

Michael Vronsky site profile image  

8/22/09 11:24 PM by Michael Vronsky

Uh, maybe he should stop talking and start proving then? I've been waiting four years for him to become the world beater he was hyped to be.i remember all his talk before fighting Sylvia, i was telling people, "Watch this, this is gonna be good"Result: terribly boring, take-no-chances performance. Even when it was clear Vera was LOSING, he took no chances and made no effort to win

OmegaPoon site profile image  

8/22/09 11:18 PM by OmegaPoon


rock1775 site profile image  

8/22/09 11:15 PM by rock1775

no wont hold a belt in either. but i still thinjk youre a damn good fighter.

Wasa-B site profile image  

8/20/09 3:31 PM by Wasa-B

Have to big up Heddy there!Shouldnt UG staff be apart of the solution rather than the problem of congesting the forum with multiple threads on the same subject?

frontrowbrian site profile image  

8/20/09 3:25 PM by frontrowbrian

 why stop at 2? Go for the Middleweight belt, too. 3 belts is better than 2

story97 site profile image  

8/20/09 3:24 PM by story97

being optimistic is one thing, being delusional is another, running your mouth after you nearly lost your job because you couldn't win a fight is......well, brandon vera

Captain Insano X site profile image  

8/20/09 3:20 PM by Captain Insano X

Don't b'lee da hype, only b'lee what you see...........