Tuscherer details the shot that made 1,000,000 men cringe

by Dann Stupp | source: mmajunkie

For UFC 102's Chris Tuscherer, unanswered questions just as damaging as brutal groin shot

At this past weekend's UFC 102 event at the Rose Garden Arena in Portland, Ore., the groin shot hurt plenty badly. Plenty badly.

But even more frustrating for UFC newcomer Chris Tuscherer was the lack of answers he received from Oregon State Athletic Commission officials after opponent Gabriel Gonzaga tagged him with one of the worst groin shots in MMA history.

On today's edition of MMAjunkie.com Radio (www.mmajunkie.com/radio), Tuscherer, who ultimately suffered a brutal knockout via head kick and follow-up punches, said that lack of information eventually led him to the disastrous decision to continue in the fight.

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Diesel67 site profile image  

9/23/09 7:21 AM by Diesel67


Diesel67 site profile image  

9/21/09 11:44 AM by Diesel67

 <Has anybody ever on the receiving end of a full on nut shot ever continued and won?> Matt Hughes vs Frank Trigg. http://www.megavideo.com/?v=BND75DCV

joe canada site profile image  

9/5/09 2:13 PM by joe canada

IMHO, and it's never a good thing to second guess a ref or doctor in this situation, but...Guy got hit in the nuts, passed dead out, hurled into a bucket -- call the fight.

Scramslam site profile image  

9/5/09 12:22 PM by Scramslam

I like how so many of you think that it's not the refs job to know the rules, it's the fighters. Yah, that makes a lot of sense.

story97 site profile image  

9/5/09 9:53 AM by story97

half the people here don't make a living fighting MMA.I bet those half also DO know the rules of where they work pretty damn well.stupid comparison

Caspersghost site profile image  

9/5/09 9:31 AM by Caspersghost

I bet half the posters on here couldn't have comfortably predicted what would happen if he couldn't continue, so to blame him for asking a simple question about the finer points of the commisions rules is plain stupid. I couldn't understand why the fight wasn't being stopped when he clearly was majorly affected by the shot and obviously had very little chance of putting up a fight afterwards. It the refs job to let the fighter know the rules; either the ref wasn't sure about them or there was some kind of cooersion to do anything to get him to continue. Either way it was a poor job done by the commission and he has ever right to complain.

mennis65 site profile image  

9/5/09 9:12 AM by mennis65

I think Matt Hughes got racked pretty damn good during the second Trigg fight and came back to win it. Not to the extent that Mr. Tuchscherer suffered, but that's the only one I can think of.

story97 site profile image  

9/5/09 8:51 AM by story97

After this post I thought "i wonder how hard the rules are to find, for someone that doesn't even compete". So i figured I'd look at a NEW commission. i know where the rules are for CSAC NSAC etc. So i looked for Pennsylvania since it's new there. One google search, first page link: § 29.14. Accidental fouls. (a) If a contest or exhibition of professional mixed martial arts is stopped because of an accidental foul, the referee, with advice from the ringside physician, shall determine whether the contestant who has been fouled can continue or not. If the contestant's chance of winning has not been seriously jeopardized as a result of the foul, the referee may order that the contest or exhibition continue after a recuperative interval of not more than 5 minutes. Immediately after separating the contestants, the referee shall inform the Commission's representative of a determination that the foul was accidental. (b) If the referee determines that a contest or exhibition of professional mixed martial arts may not continue because of an injury suffered as the result of an accidental foul, the contest or exhibition shall be declared a no contest if the foul occurs during either of the following: (1) The first two rounds of a nonchampionship contest or exhibition. (2) The first three rounds of a championship contest or exhibition. (c) If an accidental foul renders a contestant unable to continue the contest or exhibition after the completed second round of a nonchampionship contest or exhibition, or after the completed third round of a championship contest or exhibition, the outcome shall be determined by scoring the completed rounds and the round during which the referee stops the contest or exhibition. (d) If an injury inflicted by an accidental foul later becomes aggravated by fair blows and the referee orders the contest or exhibition stopped because of the injury, the outcome shall be determined by scoring the completed rounds and the round during which the referee stops the contest or exhibition. http://www.pacode.com/secure/data/058/chapter29/chap29toc.html So as far as I'm concerned, case closed

story97 site profile image  

9/5/09 8:47 AM by story97

i think everyone that's saying it's his problem are right. Listen, if you don't know the rules, you can't blame the commission, or the doctors. It sucks, and i don't see how he even continued at all, but the bottom line is, there are rules in place, well documented. even on the web. so if you don't know them, and a situation bites you in the ass, it's your fualt.It is 100% the responsibility of the fighter to know and understand the rules. As long as the commission makes them readily available that's the end of their requirement. They aren't there to give classes on rules. they're there to enforce them. that's it.

uniqueid09 site profile image  

9/5/09 8:36 AM by uniqueid09

I think he's exaggerating.He agreed to keep fighting, and he looked okay until Gonzaga swung a telephone pole at his head.I still can't get over how ruthless Gonzaga was. It was hilarious. Gonzaga probably would have kicked his balls into his throat during the intermission if given the chance.