Sean Salmon gives opponent the win

by Sean Salmon | source: mmajunkie

Full-Time Fighter: Sean Salmon on biggest career mistake and new fight with Dante Rivera

It's June 3, and I am flying back to Columbus, Ohio, from Manchester, England, where I was training with Wolfslair helping some of the team's fighters prepare for their upcoming bouts. The plan was to fly in on June 3, fight in Cleveland on the 6th and then fly back to England on the 7th.

I left England and was given a very serious warning: "If you get hurt in that fight, don't bother coming back." My opponent for the fight was 6-6, so obviously getting back to England to learn and train with some of the best was my priority.

Seeing how my opponent had just a 6-6 record, I figured I could easily bully him into rolling over for me, collect the easy win, and return to England. But it didn't happen that way at all. Someone forgot to tell my opponent to roll over and quit.

I handled him very easily for the entire first round. He was able to land one very good elbow to my temple. I am embarrassed to admit that my first thought was that, "If he cut me and I can't go back to England, this is not worth it." How in the world could I be in a fight and think that if I got cut, it is not worth the win?

In the second round, I took him down again. He went for an armbar, I defended it (only to prove to myself that he couldn't get it), and then I put my arm back in to give him the win so that I could return to England, healthy. Just so you all know, that is the most embarrassing thing that I have ever admitted out loud.

It got even worse the next day

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dorf site profile image  

9/4/09 1:10 AM by dorf

Would really appreciate a link to the full fight if anyone has it.

GMan99 site profile image  

9/3/09 11:13 PM by GMan99

Thanks, I hadn't seen that thread. I made a similar post there just now.

ThreadKiller site profile image  

9/3/09 10:44 PM by ThreadKiller

Shit, any response out of him on here would be appreciated. See this. 

GMan99 site profile image  

9/3/09 10:42 PM by GMan99

I have not read the whole thread, so sorry of this has been mentioned before.Does The Pav no longer represent Salmon? I can't believe that a 24/7 agent like him would allow one of his guys to publish a blog without his having read the copy first. If he is still the agent, The Pav should be upset with himself right now.

YES YES YES site profile image  

9/3/09 9:26 PM by YES YES YES

Where did my goddamn post go?

thePostman site profile image  

9/3/09 9:10 PM by thePostman

ThreadKiller, I know Allan and I train under his trainer so for Salmon to make up bullshit making Allan look bad is fucking bullshit. Allan is a good fighter and a good person who doesnt make up excuses for things up when things don't go his way. So yeah I hope Sean gets embarassed in his next fight if he is ever allowed to fight again.

Vancouver BJJ site profile image  

9/3/09 7:54 PM by Vancouver BJJ

I call bullshit, he tapped cuz he got caught, and because he is very weak mentally. If he truly were trying to not get hurt he should have just pulled a Kalib. Sean Salmon needs to stop fighting, he is a walking concussion. I also think that wolves lair was just trying to tell salmon to stay the fuck out of england without being to mean. I know I wouldn't want a guy that gets knocked out from a gust of wind on my team. They just assumed like every match he's had, that he would get hurt. Sucks for wolves lair.

Kostakio site profile image  

9/3/09 6:54 PM by Kostakio

wtf He better be fighting at Ring of Combat next week. I was looking forward to that match.

JimmersonzGlove site profile image  

9/3/09 5:07 PM by JimmersonzGlove

 "The Pav" makes dreams come true. Just ask Salmon & Kerr.