Former coach to both sizes Up Brock vs. Carwin

source: bloodyelbow Who’s stronger: Lesnar or Carwin?

Waterman: I think Brock would have to have the edge on physical strength. He probably walks around a little bit heavier than Shane. But it’s not a huge difference. They’re both extremely strong. I might give athleticism to Brock’s side, but the technique to Shane a little more. He’s come along with his ground and stand-up. He’s got good submissions now. There’s also debate over Lesnar’s Division I honors and Carwin’s Division II. Do you see much of a difference?

Waterman: At the time, when Shane was wrestling, there was not a huge difference. Both were national champions. I think they had a few similar opponents. I had Brock in town with me here in Greeley and I took him to the gym to train with me one day and Shane was there: I introduced them. This was six or seven years ago. They met for the first time. They were talking back and forth about Stephen Neal and other common opponents they had wrestled against. They had real similar outcomes. If you had to bet on who gets the first takedown, where does the money go?

Waterman: [long silence] It’s really hard to say. If they come in to wrestle, Brock might get the first takedown. But if Shane plays his cards right and is looking to defend and keeping him away and setting it up with punching, I’d give it to Shane. It’s a chess match. It’s about who comes ready to play that day.

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ranier wolfcastle site profile image  

10/2/09 4:08 PM by ranier wolfcastle

 i dont reckon either guy will wanna use guard

jaseprobst site profile image  

10/2/09 4:01 PM by jaseprobst

I'm a little hesitant to buy into the straight wrestling credentials comparison. Mark Munoz was a D1 champ (Lesnar) and Matt Hamill was a D-3 or whatever champ (Carwin). But Hamill had better striking and we know what happened there.I still like Lesnar though. But it'd be great to see Carwin test him a little.

OctopusFighter site profile image  

10/2/09 3:25 PM by OctopusFighter

Not necessarily. Matt Hammil, for example, qualified for D1 scholarships, but wound up going to the college he went to because it had a better deaf-learning program.Carwin has said several times in interviews that his focus in college was scholastics, and the schools he did go to are the best in the region for his major.

William Feathers site profile image  

10/2/09 12:47 PM by William Feathers

 i think brock will win just as long  as he takes him down and trows some bombs not the little hammer punchs like he did to Mir

Diego stole my name site profile image  

9/8/09 12:47 PM by Diego stole my name

"Yep. Everyone talks about Brock nearly making the NFL blah blah"eh no.. The reason that was so impressive is because Brock had not picked up a football since high school and basically showed up and impressed everyone on athletic ability aloneNot really comparable to a guy training and competing in two sports (wich is impressive in its own way)

canuck34 site profile image  

9/8/09 12:44 PM by canuck34

"you do realize Carwin was also a 2 time All American football player, correctsometimes people have other priorities then wrestling"Yep. Everyone talks about Brock nearly making the NFL blah blah. Carwin WOULD have been drafted had he not blown his back out. His #1 sport in school was football...he just won the Div 2 wrestling title on the side.I'd love to see what Carwin's combine numbers were with the Colts.

Ausgepicht site profile image  

9/8/09 12:29 PM by Ausgepicht

No, because he's an excellent wrestler the same size as Brock.

ajl416az site profile image  

9/8/09 11:53 AM by ajl416az

you do realize Carwin was also a 2 time All American football player, correct sometimes people have other priorities then wrestling   

SoulreapeR site profile image  

9/8/09 11:12 AM by SoulreapeR

Carwin is the hardest puncher in the game. And I stand by that. But ... he has to catch Brock flush. Brock is gonna lose.

Sebastiaan site profile image  

9/8/09 4:30 AM by Sebastiaan

I am guessing Brock by being a frate train