TMZ Stands By Its Confirmation of Kimo Leopoldo's Death

source: cagepotato

Well this is odd. After those reports of Kimo Leopoldo's death were discovered to be an Internet message board-driven hoax, many of us were quick to dump haterade on tmz, the celebrity gossip outlet that "confirmed" the news after it was first reported, and helped the false report snowball out of control. Though TMZ quickly took the story down when Kimo showed up breathing, we never heard an apology from Harvey Levin and his gang of misfits — and we're never going to:
TMZ founder Harvey Levin told exclusively that they had received the tip that Leopoldo had died from the fighter's management. "We actually got a call from his reps," said Levin. He now, looking back on the issue, thinks that it might have been motivated by publicity.
While Levin would not reveal the name of the person who contacted TMZ, he did explicitly say that the confirmation came though Leopoldo's camp.

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Vulva Fabulous site profile image  

3/17/13 10:07 PM by Vulva Fabulous

That's 2 threads. You sure are a playwright, what a way with words fine sir

MMA Playwrite site profile image  

3/17/13 9:05 PM by MMA Playwrite


max power site profile image  

9/15/09 5:54 PM by max power

 free oma!!!

GMan99 site profile image  

9/15/09 4:23 PM by GMan99

All in all, I'm guessing TMZ wishes they took a pass on this story like they were, no doubt, inclined to. Here's how I imagine the editorial decision went:Harvey Levin: "Kimbo's dead? The big black guy that knocked that guy's eye out on the internet?"TMZ staffer: "No, not Kimbo, Kimo."Harvey Levin: "Who the f%ck is Kimo?"TMZ staffer: "Well, he's an old-school guy who has had a rough go of it lately. He did put up a pretty good fight with Royce Gracie 13 years ago, though."Harvey Levin: "Ah, f%ck it. UFC's hot right now. We get major traffic when we have pictures of the Iceman doing lines off of a stripper's nipple. Run with it!"

BrandtStebbins site profile image  

9/15/09 2:58 PM by BrandtStebbins

TMZ is trying to cover their asses. They were on the phone with me all day. They knew I was looking for KIMO as well. So for them to say his management said so they are crazy. Even at the press conference a man from TMZ asked me. "We spoke to you all day Brnadt, about if Kimo was alive or not. Why did it take till now to come out and say he is alive at a press conference?". So right there tells you that Kimo's management never said he was confirmed dead. If they were on the phone with me all day trying to find Kimo then hwo in the hell did i confirm he was dead?????????

2JupitersTooMany site profile image  

9/15/09 2:48 PM by 2JupitersTooMany

That was my thought also.However, the poster on the UG who may or may not be Brandt Stebbins has an air of shenanigandry about him.It has caused me to expect that incredibly complex evolutions of slip, bob and weave trolling may be occurring - so complex that comprehending them would be like looking directly at the face of God.

ECWCock site profile image  

9/15/09 2:46 PM by ECWCock

LOL 10.0

GMan99 site profile image  

9/15/09 2:45 PM by GMan99

Exactly! TMZ: "We received an e-mail confirming the story from someone who identified himself as a member of Kimo's management team. Name? Let me check the notes ... ah yes, it came from an Adolph Oliver Muff, esq."

GladiatorGannon site profile image  

9/15/09 2:40 PM by GladiatorGannon

Someone needs to explain to TMZ that OMA is not part of Kimo's management, no matter what he tells them. I don't doubt they had a confirmation call, but I highly doubt it came from Kimo's camp. Notice that they're not naming names...They don't know who the guy they spoke to was.

Forrest fan site profile image  

9/15/09 2:36 PM by Forrest fan

Now why would Kimos managment do that?Sounds like TMZ is dumping the blame on someone else