Scott Blevins claims innocence after molestation arrest

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Exclusive: Scott 'Lionheart' Blevins Claims Innocence Following Molestation Arrest

Back in February, we interviewed Indiana-based fighter Scott "LionHeart" Blevins about his unrelenting quest for MMA glory, despite the fact that he's never won a professional fight. Less than two weeks after that interview was published, Blevins was arrested on suspicion of child molestation, and suddenly it looked like there was something much darker behind the quirky and inspirational story of LionHeart. Now out of jail and awaiting trial, Blevins spoke exclusively with to discuss the legal battle he's facing that could put him in prison for the rest of his life.

CAGEPOTATO.COM: It’s good to talk to you again, Scott. Where have you been the last six months?
BLEVINS: Kosciusko County Jail.

CAGEPOTATO.COM: The news report that first came out said you were arrested after a two-month investigation. Basically, they said you molested a girl under the age of 14, then helped police arrest three marijuana dealers. What exactly happened the day you were arrested?
BLEVINS: Well, on October 14th I had emergency surgery, and then on the 17th my wife and kids asked to go to this guy’s house for a birthday party that was put on for my daughter. And that night she was molested by the guy, and as soon as I found out — which wasn't until December 29th — I immediately rushed her to the emergency room to be checked for a rape kit, etc. And the police officer that we called, his name is Terry, he tried to say that my daughter was lying. He just didn’t believe it. He tried to say that she was coerced.
The night I took her to the emergency room, the Mentone cops came and talked to the guy who actually molested her, and from my understanding, he accused me to escape from what he did to my little girl. My daughter’s 11 and she’s been taking Tae Kwon Do, learning the honesty and faith of martial arts, and she has never lied throughout her martial arts career.

CAGEPOTATO.COM: So your daughter has never changed her story in saying that it was this other guy who molested her, right?

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SandraBullockFan site profile image  

1/27/10 1:44 PM by SandraBullockFan

LIONHEART IS A FREE MAN!! scott is happy to have these baseless accusations behind him. he is a family man and anyone that knows him knows that he would never do anything to his children! now that he is clear of these charges he has a clear mind and he will be getting back into the gym so he can make 2010 the year of the lionheart!!

irish_pride site profile image  

1/27/10 1:40 PM by irish_pride

Good thing he was in protective custody, because he obviously can't fight.I have 3 beautiful little girls and just can't believe any of that as a parent. He looks like a crackhead and pedophile, his wife saw the little girl leaving the guys bedroom pulling up her pants without mentioning it, the random guy (who's boy tried to molest blevins boy) was throwing the party for blevins daughter? So many different things that would cause a normal parent to never take your kids over there. I am over protective and have no problem with it because of the fuckers, if one of mine did get molested I couldn't live with myself unless I killed them and then that burdens the kids even more.Best wishes to his daughter to survive that fucked up family.Brad

fakezaga site profile image  

1/27/10 6:45 AM by fakezaga

How long until we see an account named Terry Engstrand?

PTM2020 site profile image  

1/27/10 4:53 AM by PTM2020


DIZZZLE site profile image  

1/18/10 5:15 PM by DIZZZLE

Blevins finally won at something The guy is a real piece of work

I Sucked Hardy's Swick site profile image  

1/18/10 4:50 PM by I Sucked Hardy's Swick

 Yeah, I hate to see this guy go to prison for something he didn't do but he sounds like a piece of trash.

The Realist site profile image  

1/18/10 4:31 PM by The Realist

this guy is disgusting lol

CagePotato site profile image  

1/18/10 3:23 PM by CagePotato

Exclusive: Cleared of Molestation Charges, Scott 'Lionheart' Blevins Looks to Get His Life Back on Track

fightsfan site profile image  

1/8/10 6:35 PM by fightsfan

As soon as I read his deulsions and lame excuses I thought it sounded like a meth user.He needs a UG INTERVENTION

GladiatorGannon site profile image  

1/8/10 5:29 PM by GladiatorGannon

I disagree. Remember how sad you felt when an old legend is taking brutal, soul crushing beatings from second rate fighters? When it happens to someone like Blevins, it puts a smile on my face. Sign him up for all the savage beatings you can, he deserves them.