MixedMartialArts.com profiled in feature for Fight! Magazine

by Chris Palmquist | source: fightmagazine.com

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King Without A Crown:
Depending on who you talk to, Fedor Emelianenko is either the greatest fighter in the world or a paper champ who is scared of top competition. FIGHT! Magazine was granted unprecedented access to find out which is true and if Fedor cares either way.

The Intercepting Fist:
Kelly Crigger explores Bruce Lee's fighting philosophy, Jeet Kune Do.

King Mo:
The acclaimed wrestler and entertaining showman is poised for Stateside stardom.

The UG:
FIGHT! explores the roots of MMA's "Underground."

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10/19/09 1:05 PM by Chris

 un-zombied :)

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10/17/09 10:13 PM by NHB USA

Wow I thought that was a joke when I first saw it.......lol

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10/17/09 8:54 PM by bismanfightclub

ok, I bought the mag, can you un-zombie the thread now?

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10/16/09 3:37 PM by shootfightermike

 the king spoke on this

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10/16/09 3:05 AM by shootfightermike


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10/14/09 12:55 AM by Deathamphetamine

yeah I have it. It's about the UG specifically.

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10/14/09 12:08 AM by ChicagoTom

 ttt 4 a response from kirik!

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10/13/09 8:02 AM by NHBDaddy

Yeah, nubes too

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10/13/09 2:44 AM by TheClips

Ha ha, I do that same shit whenever I'm going to something that calls for dressing up. Either unwrap an unused shirt that I got for Christmas three years ago, or pick up a button down off my floor and tumble dry that bitch for 10 minutes and throw it on!