UFC 104 Bonuses

source: mmajunkie.com

LOS ANGELES – Preliminary-card fighters swept the "fight night" bonuses at Saturday's UFC 104 event. Stephan Struve took home Submission of the Night honors; Patrick Barry and Antoni Hardonk won Fight of the Night. Barry took home a double award, also winning Knockout of the Night.

Each competitor earned a $60,000 bonus check with the UFC's traditional post-show bonus program, with Barry taking home a total of $120,000 in bonus pay.

In addition to the announcement of the bonus awards, Dana White also mentioned that Anthony "Rumble" Johnson "should have won Knockout of the Night" but that the fighter (pictured) wasn't eligible due to failing to make weight for his fight.

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Recent Comments »

puddlesmith site profile image  

10/26/09 4:17 PM by puddlesmith

I thought the Bader/Schaefer fight was much more exciting than the Hardonk/Barry fight but oh well

mikegli site profile image  

10/26/09 9:21 AM by mikegli

And then got a title shot too.

canuck34 site profile image  

10/26/09 9:12 AM by canuck34

I don't see how a 5 round title fight with that much back and forth and a decision that could go either way didn't get fight of the night.

BuddyRevell site profile image  

10/26/09 7:14 AM by BuddyRevell

The correct move on Dana's part.

ChokeEmOut site profile image  

10/26/09 6:41 AM by ChokeEmOut

LOL! Glad to see Dana actually hit a fighter where it really hurts, his wallet.

dorf site profile image  

10/26/09 4:54 AM by dorf

Thanks BJJkilla. I'd completely forgotten about the ankle injury.

BJJkilla site profile image  

10/26/09 4:51 AM by BJJkilla

yeah he took it with only two months between his last fight against karo, and he was only 4 pounds over despite an ankle injury he had weeks before.

dorf site profile image  

10/26/09 4:42 AM by dorf

I think but don't remember for sure, that Alves took that bout on very short notice. Which could have been a factor in the brass overlooking the miss. I may be wrong though.

sside maurice site profile image  

10/25/09 10:26 PM by sside maurice

Alves got KO of the night after missing weight against Hughes.

goeb site profile image  

10/25/09 10:24 PM by goeb

wait i'm confused...didn't alves get a bonus last year despite missing weight by 5 pounds?Well that one was overseas, or maybe things changed.Also yea, shogun/Machida should get FOTN....but these awards are usually given towards what is most exciting to casual fans, and that fight did get booed quite a bit by the crowd for lack of engagement where Barry/Hardonk, non-stop action.