Justin Eilers killer sentenced to 15 years

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Nampa man going to prison for killing martial arts fighter

A Nampa man accused of killing his stepson last Christmas will spend up to 15 years in prison.

Back in September, a Canyon County jury convicted 48-year-old James Malec of voluntary manslaughter in the death of 30-year-old Justin Eilers.

Eilers was a pro mixed-martial arts fighter and former Nampa High School wrestler.

Deputies say Malec shot Eilers in a disturbance that escalated during a family gathering on Christmas night 2008.

Defense attorneys argued during the trial that Malec shot Eilers in self-defense.  The jury rejected that claim.

"The defendant, even in face of this jury's verdict continues to maintain his innocence, with an air of righteousness," said Canyon County Prosecutor John Bujak.  "Blaming the victim and the victim's family is inexcusable."

Malec must serve at least six-and-a-half years before he is eligible for parole.  He will not be allowed to own a firearm upon his release from prison.

Prior to today’s sentencing, victim impact statements were read by Melanie Cox, the mother of Eiler's son, his brother and mother.

Third District Judge Juneal Kerrick said Eilers was partially at fault by being an instigator.

Witnesses to the incident said Malec was intoxicated when he shot Eilers.

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macdawg site profile image  

11/16/09 11:53 AM by macdawg

Malec was drunk too. If I pulled out a gun and shot a family member everytime we had an argument I'd have no family left, LOL.

Gruvi site profile image  

11/16/09 6:32 AM by Gruvi

15 years..........

Twister Trent site profile image  

11/15/09 7:11 PM by Twister Trent

 R.I.P Eilers You will be missed.

96speed site profile image  

11/15/09 7:03 PM by 96speed

So being drunk is a good excuse to do whatever the hell you want? This is the real world. Stuff happens and its not black and white.

96speed site profile image  

11/15/09 7:02 PM by 96speed


ZeroTime site profile image  

11/15/09 4:38 PM by ZeroTime

Kill and a man and 6.5 years later he'll be out on parole.

iMercury site profile image  

11/15/09 4:06 PM by iMercury

i think anyone who feels entitled to take another's life should have theirs taken, by either life in prison or death penalty, except in defense of their own or someone else's. nobody's life was threatened here, people were drunk and got angry. nobody was fighting. there's no reason to kill someone over something like this. the fact that it's a police officer who did it, who should be trained to identify what is proper force, and against their own family member of all people, just makes it completely unbelievable. 15 years is light, especially if he then pointed the gun at his own wife, who he was supposedly "defending."

humphrey sphinctermuscle site profile image  

11/14/09 12:07 PM by humphrey sphinctermuscle

wow, that was really weak. almost as weak as your entire argument. but not quite :)

brdrchoker site profile image  

11/14/09 8:21 AM by brdrchoker

I think humphrey has his head stuck in his sphincter muscle....can someone assist him in removing it please.  

voorhees site profile image  

11/14/09 5:34 AM by voorhees

Fair enough man.I think the UG is a fun place too for the most part.I will just never forget its cuz of the PEOPLE,not the management,that makes it great here.People like you,me,IGOR,whatawhale,whoever.