Shane McMahon looking to buy financial interest in UFC

by James Caldwell | source:

Shane McMahon looking to buy financial interest in UFC

Executive Shane McMahon is reportedly looking to buy a financial interest in the UFC promotion to enter the MMA industry. McMahon will officially leave his WWE position as VP of Global Media on January 1, 2010.

McMahon would bring to UFC the marketing know-how and relationships in the marketplace to expand UFC's reach as an international sports brand.

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fiercedragon site profile image  

11/25/09 9:35 AM by fiercedragon

do you people watch MAJOR sports? not wwe, but baseball,football,nba,olypics? b/c if you did you would realize the biggest controversies all revolve around legitimacy of the sport. the fans are ALWAYS going to be concerned about whether or not what they see on the field of play is real. they will forgive almost any sin against the game EXCEPT FIXES! ask any fan about the chicago black sox,the unlv/duke finals, the magic getting consecutive no1 pics, steroids in baseball, pete rose, countless boxing decisions...the second the legitimacy of the sport is questioned it does irrepairable harm to the game. and there is NOTHING more illegitamate than wwe! mma is not a mojor sport and could be killed w/ the involvement of a mcmahon. besides other than wwe, which was establised long ago, what has the mcmahon family done that has been succesful? ico-pro?(you have no idea what that is)xfl? even their films have only had moderate success...

Bobby Lupo site profile image  

11/25/09 9:27 AM by Bobby Lupo

Shane would be a good guy to run the UFC's web presence. gets tremendous traffic and WWE is one of the web's most popular searches. MMA will always be viewed with suspicion by the casual fans because of bogus judging and suspicious behavior in the cage. Only true believing zealots take MMA seriously, when in reality it's far more spectacle than sport.

ricker site profile image  

11/25/09 8:56 AM by ricker


thefightingsheep site profile image  

11/25/09 8:56 AM by thefightingsheep

+1 If an executive from the NFL or NBA was brought into the UFC people would be much less critical, yet the WWE experience is much more relevant to the UFC business.  

Mike Sanders site profile image  

11/25/09 7:41 AM by Mike Sanders

LOL that has to be a joke

Skeletor68 site profile image  

11/25/09 7:39 AM by Skeletor68

Farce or not it's an entertainment business that knows how to merchandise, build people's fame and visibility, and make money. As far as I heard it has a lot to do with making the web a larger revenue stream for the UFC.

ECWCock site profile image  

11/25/09 7:29 AM by ECWCock

 Paul Heyman would be a good choice to run talent relations.

fiercedragon site profile image  

11/25/09 7:26 AM by fiercedragon

really? name 1 person that is respected in sports that takes pro-rasslin seriously? it's a farce and EVERYONE views it as a farce. even it's own fans. no one will take mma seriously as soon as they hear the mcmahon name being involved in it. i gaurantee dana/ferttita's know this and are probably just using this to prove no true mma fan wants anything to do w/ pro-rasslin. besides the growth curve for ufc has exceded even that of pro-rasslin...

Poopyface TomatoNose site profile image  

11/25/09 7:11 AM by Poopyface TomatoNose

Anybody that thinks this is a bad thing is poorly educated about what Shane will bring and what exactly he's capable of. This would be great for the UFC!

soldierdad5417 site profile image  

11/25/09 7:05 AM by soldierdad5417

Although this will be a good business move, millions of UFC fans are just now starting to understand the sport and wouldn't want to see any drastic change to the way the fights are promoted, presented, and distributed. This will be a drastic change if Dana gives Shane a large say in "what goes on" with the UFC. By the way Ryan MacLeod, it isn't speculation, Shane is done with the WWE at the beginning of the year and there have been meetings between Shane and Dana very recently. I'm sure they aren't exchanging facebook information.