Thunder's Alabama Pride event cancelled last moment

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Well, there has been a lot people asking about the Fulton vs Monson fight at Alabama Pride event promoted by Thunder...

First off, I am Travis Fulton's manager...I have been in this sport since 1997...We signed a contract for this fight 2 months ago...As usual with any new event wanting to pay good money for a fight, I ask them if they have the funds to back it and will being paid for this fight be an isssue....Of course I was told all the money to promote this event was gathered and ready to pay for the event (fighters included) before 1 ticket was sold...Yesterday I find out otherwise...As soon as Fulton's plane lands we are told the show is now cancelled...We are told that they are going to meet with Monson and Fulton and discuss what they can do about this....These guys could have fought on other shows this weekend...They could have stayed home with their families, whatever! Anyways, today we get told that Rod will pay them next week...Then Fulton gets a flight home booked by them and it is to leave this afternoon before he can meet with them of course...His flight was to leave Alabama tonight, go to Texas and then sit in the Dallas airport overnight on an 11 hour layover with no hotel provided by Rod...Then fly home in the morning to Iowa in hopes that this is made right next week....Guys, pay these fighters what they were promised and do the right thing!

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John Harris site profile image  

12/14/09 10:17 AM by John Harris


Russell Schenck site profile image  

12/14/09 12:46 AM by Russell Schenck

Show was very well run and Big John Brown you fought your heart out my friend. You took the best shots he could throw and kept on fighting. Thanks to Monte, Bean and Corey for having the event even though ticket sales were off. The fighters were treated well and were paid... Just in time for the holidays...

Chad Bergmeier site profile image  

12/13/09 10:49 PM by Chad Bergmeier


kylethasnizake site profile image  

12/12/09 9:23 PM by kylethasnizake

that is gay, and I honestly think this would have been a winnable fight for travis as long as his mind was right going in.

RickyDerouen site profile image  

12/12/09 9:17 PM by RickyDerouen


John Phan site profile image  

12/12/09 9:03 PM by John Phan

I think it's a safe bet that the vast majority of his fans, both male and female, are very, very big already.

CindyO site profile image  

12/12/09 8:37 PM by CindyO

  ^^^ Butterbean's kids? Cindy

RickyDerouen site profile image  

12/12/09 8:36 PM by RickyDerouen

i heard there may have only been about 400 in attendance at the Moosin event..

kneedy site profile image  

12/12/09 8:23 PM by kneedy

Butterbean wins by RNC?Sounds highly fabricated.

BTownDragon site profile image  

12/12/09 8:17 PM by BTownDragon

Moosin was a great show. I wish my fight would of have a better outcome. all the fights were great and the show was very well run. I do wish the crowd would have been bigger though. Fans missed out on a great show.