Matt Lindland plans to put Jacare to sleep standing



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John Phan site profile image  

12/19/09 2:38 PM by John Phan

Unless he plans on somehow wiring in videos of his career on the big screens, there is no way he is putting anyone to sleep.

Herring In A Fur Coat site profile image  

12/19/09 1:56 AM by Herring In A Fur Coat

Seriously LOL at this  

tranenhb site profile image  

12/19/09 1:23 AM by tranenhb

Guy couldn't break a turtle egg with a running start. I predict fake tap then real tap.

Easytarget site profile image  

12/19/09 1:23 AM by Easytarget

Lindland has not been a boring fighter for a long long while.

AnotherTMAguy site profile image  

12/19/09 1:17 AM by AnotherTMAguy

It could end up like their ADCC match:

Jacob Lamb site profile image  

12/19/09 12:43 AM by Jacob Lamb

Nothing against Vitale, but he didn't KO Lindland. lol

Mmanizzle site profile image  

12/18/09 10:26 PM by Mmanizzle

Octopus, thanks for reminding me about how my boy Niko Vitale KOed him! (Lindland KOed Lindland - LOL) Poor guy, his best days are behind him...

Hemlock site profile image  

12/18/09 4:03 PM by Hemlock

That was an awesome fight