Corey Hill: I was a baby


"If you want to know the truth, I was an ass," he said. "I was like a little baby. I whined. I yelled. My wife iterally had four kids to take care of: The three we have, plus myself. I was a baby. I couldn’t get to the bathroom. I had to stay in bed and pee in a freaking bucket for almost four months".

"This sounds gross, but there were times when I urinated on myself because my bucket was too far and I couldn’t get to it. She came home to some bad scenarios and it never fazed her."

... Corey Hill already knows one conversation he wants to have when the fight is over and, win or lose, he walks out of the cage under his own power.

"I want to talk to my wife and tell her, ‘We did it,’ " Hill said, bubbling with enthusiasm. "And I meant that very much when I said we. This has been a team project. Without her, I wouldn’t be here. I’d be limping around somewhere probably doing who knows what. But by her being so strong and so understanding and so supportive, I’m able to do what I love to do again. When that fight’s over, the first thing I plan to do is to tell her, ‘It’s over and we finally did it. Together. We did it together.’ "

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Carl Weathers site profile image  

12/27/09 11:24 AM by Carl Weathers

If you don't have the courage to shit and piss yourself, you clearly do not want to be a fucking fighter

DJStudd site profile image  

12/27/09 11:07 AM by DJStudd

so its hard work ? and its a project ? so instead he just pisses himself ?that makes sense to you ?

Jenny Wishbone site profile image  

12/27/09 10:59 AM by Jenny Wishbone

He was in bed for four months. Obviously it was bad enough that probably the slighlest movement was excruciatingly painful. As far as crutches, in my experience you can hop around after some of the swelling has subsided. Also, the act of getting the cruthces is still a task; then making your way to the toilet and maneuvering to sit on the toilet and assume pissing position becomes a project. Makes sense what he describes.

Kneeblock site profile image  

12/27/09 10:43 AM by Kneeblock


DJStudd site profile image  

12/27/09 10:36 AM by DJStudd

THIS !my buddie got crumpled in a car wreck , he destroyed his leg and arm on one side , his femur was fractured in 6 places, it looked like it was zig zagging on the x-ray . obviously he was in hospital for a good while but when they let him out he started getting about on crutches (which was hard for him with a reconstructed arm also).Corey must have been joking unless he has some horrendous complications or infections or whatever and was in mindblowing pain.stop making excuses for him coz he's an MMA fighter , you dont need to piss yourself over a broken shin.

ksac site profile image  

12/27/09 10:25 AM by ksac

lol. My dad had a compound fracture of his tibia in a fall. The bone was sticking out of the skin. I was there when it happened and it was a horrible break. The solution was a rod through the bone.My dad was able to get around on crutches and never once had to piss on himself. I had to do almost everything around the house, but he was always able to get up and use the bathroom.

The Mammoth site profile image  

12/27/09 10:21 AM by The Mammoth

Broken ankle? try completely severed shin.  

HexRei site profile image  

12/26/09 9:33 PM by HexRei

That's because I'm right. Way to fail to take the hint.

Li Mu Bai site profile image  

12/26/09 9:29 PM by Li Mu Bai

had to pee in that thing a couple days, having gone through a really small fraction of what he went through i know its really tough, had some sort of infection after a knee surgery.i will be rooting for him when he fights.