Anderson Silva in Capoeira circle


Anderson Silva earns his yellow cord in Capoeira.


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Domingo site profile image  

1/25/10 3:11 PM by Domingo

That's awesome. Silva might not be a Capoeira wizard, but he seems to have definitely put in some time. Interesting to note that he was also working on his TKD since he couldn't punch after surgery.

TheSweetScience site profile image  

1/25/10 3:01 PM by TheSweetScience

Dude, it took Vitor 2 rounds to KO terry martin like a year and a half ago...which i'm sure qualifies as "the new vitor" by vitor nut swingers. Terry martin gets ko'ed twice every weekend. vitor has a great shot but its not gonna be a blowout in the first minute. But i'm glad your picking vitor because anderson's chances of winning just shot up with you on vitor's side.

decu68 site profile image  

1/25/10 2:52 PM by decu68

Is it just me but Silva doesn't look as fluid as others. I've seen many wonderful videos of Capoeira but this does not stand out as anything significant. Better then I could ever hope for but just not as beautiful as I've seen.

MurdochIRL site profile image  

1/25/10 2:23 PM by MurdochIRL

for laters

Sk1tzO420 site profile image  

1/25/10 2:21 PM by Sk1tzO420

right on i love cap

CRE site profile image  

1/25/10 2:02 PM by CRE

Vitor Belfort by blinding hand speed in the first minute, Anderson won't even know what hit him.  That jukin and jivin shit almost got Wanderlei killed

KahL site profile image  

1/25/10 1:50 PM by KahL

 So very cool. I love watching Capoeira!

Card site profile image  

1/25/10 1:33 PM by Card   

Snappy Whistleteeth site profile image  

1/25/10 1:31 PM by Snappy Whistleteeth

Some of those guys are really bad ass, the control is amazing.   A nice side effect of Capoeira is that they can breakdance like a motherfucker too.