Joey Beltran to replace Al Turk at UFC 109?

by John Morgan & Dann Stupp | source:

UFC newcomer Joey Beltran s likely to replace Mostapha al Turk and fight fellow octagon rookie Rolles Gracie at Saturday's UFC 109 event.

Beltran's manager, Matt Stansell, today told that the fighter agreed to the bout and is expected to replace Al Turk, who's dealing with non-injury-related issues.

Multiple sources have pointed to either visa or paperwork/licensing issues as the reason for Al Turk's likely unavailability. However, Nevada State Athletic Commission Executive Director Keith Kizer told that the commission cleared the Brit's January application.

Beltran, a longtime Total Combat and King of the Cage fighter, enters the UFC with six wins in his past seven fights, which included a first-round TKO of UFC vet Sherman Pendergarst at a May 2009 Bellator Fighting Championships event. He's posted stoppages (nine knockouts and one submission) in all 10 of his career wins.

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Hong Kong Phooey site profile image  

2/2/10 11:17 AM by Hong Kong Phooey

 saw him sparring yesterday , Best of luck , seriously . I just dont see them hangin in the bigs just yet .

Tomato Can site profile image  

2/2/10 11:15 AM by Tomato Can

Beltran is probably better than Al-Turk. Al-Turk has never shown anything and I have no idea why they've given him so many fights.Speaking of Tony Lopez, how long until he gets a shot in a big show? The dude doesn't really have the "UFC look" but he's on a crazy win streak in KOTC (plus a couple of other shows) and it'd be interesting to see how he handles some higher level opposition.

Hong Kong Phooey site profile image  

2/2/10 11:05 AM by Hong Kong Phooey

 saw JB fight Tony Lopez at KOTC , maybe people are watching something i didnt see ?

flesheatingbull site profile image  

2/2/10 8:29 AM by flesheatingbull

good, al turk has had his chance, he failed.

explodingboy site profile image  

2/2/10 8:27 AM by explodingboy

Very disappointing indeed. Hopefully Al Turk gets another chance as long as this isn't because of any stupidity on his part.

The Mammoth site profile image  

2/2/10 8:23 AM by The Mammoth

 fuck sake, guess this means Al Turk doesnt get his shot at redemption after the Ball blasting from Kongo and the eye poking from Cro Cop