Ex-Power Ranger Jason Frank Wants to Fight Van Damme

source: tmz.com

Jean-Claude Van Damme -- the most badass fighting sensation of the 90s -- just got challenged to an MMA fight by a guy who used to fight puppets in spandex ... all over an incident from 15 years ago.

The guy issuing the challenge is former White Ranger Jason David Frank, who tells TMZ, he's had it out for Van Damme ever since 1995 when the Muscles from Brussels -- who had been Frank's childhood hero -- allegedly blew him off during the premiere of "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie."

As TMZ previously reported, Frank is now a scary-looking MMA fighter who has a fight next weekend in the Octagon -- and Van Damme is reportedly looking to make his own pro fighting debut ... so the timing couldn't be better for Frank to settle the score.

Frank claims he'll take Van Damme "anytime, anyplace, anywhere" -- and "if [Van Damme's] too scared to come into the Octagon, I'll even take him on in a kickboxing match."

So far, no comment from Van Damme's camp.

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chrisdaniels85 site profile image  

2/14/10 1:24 PM by chrisdaniels85

I would pay damn good money to see this!I'll have to pick Bush to win, via secret service bullets.

vengence site profile image  

2/14/10 11:49 AM by vengence

my legit challenge to spencer pratt gets ignored by the media, and this junk gets coverage.what is the world coming too.... boooooo

Kimbos Beard site profile image  

2/14/10 10:37 AM by Kimbos Beard

I swear I had a dream about this last night! Pretty wierd.Anyways, JDF ate a LHK that did no damage, dropped to his knees and tapped.Pretty random dream now that I think of it.

droc site profile image  

2/14/10 8:31 AM by droc

 I wanna see that! DROC

stkysmurff site profile image  

2/13/10 10:00 PM by stkysmurff

I take it non of you have seen jcvd recently?The guy looks like shit.Im not saying I could beat him but just about everyone else can. feel for you jcvd I mean you had it all and you fucked it up. Oh and this is not a new rumor it gets spread around every couple of years so the chances are non we would ever have to sit threw this shit to see the other fights on the card.

JDjitsu site profile image  

2/13/10 9:53 PM by JDjitsu

Next we'll have Screach from Saved by the Bell vs. Danny Bonacue. Fuckin white powe ranger callin anyone out makes me laugh. I saw his last fight and I'm not impressed to say the least.

HereWeAre site profile image  

2/13/10 9:51 PM by HereWeAre

Ex power ranger?Once a power ranger, always a power ranger.

CaptainBurma site profile image  

2/13/10 9:49 PM by CaptainBurma

I'd pay to see this fight if he fought or at least come out as the White Ranger and Van Damme sports the spandex homo one-piece from Bloodsport!

brahmabull81 site profile image  

2/13/10 9:37 PM by brahmabull81

Yeah you know your sport has hit the big time when people as old as my grandpa are considered fit to compete and considered legit by the media.

FJJ828 site profile image  

2/13/10 9:36 PM by FJJ828

I don't know which is more ridiculous...Someone challenging JCVD to an MMA fight or...TMZ saying that JCVD is getting ready for his "debut".