Former Green Ranger wins fight #2


The Green Ranger Rides Again in Second MMA Fight

(Fight starts at around the 3:40 mark.)

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Invincible site profile image  

2/22/10 6:37 PM by Invincible

Seem's being groomed and brought along slowly. The fuck's your problem?

antmaneraser site profile image  

2/22/10 4:40 PM by antmaneraser

his standup seems to have improved after the last guy caught him...props for the balls to even get in there

decu68 site profile image  

2/22/10 3:46 PM by decu68

Hey, it takes a lot to get in the ring; I give the guy full credit. Many guys at that level look nothing like trained fighters but bar room brawlers. They train and train and are prepared but hit the ring and a lot of that gets thrown out the window. And a lot of times the fight itself only looks as good as the fighters fighting it. His opponent was brawling and so he fought the fight he did, throwing some good knees and ended up winning the fight, which I'm sure was his goal. Now what they need to do is put him in the ring with some seasoned fighters who are passed the bar room brawling mentality that can stick to a game plan to see what he is capable of.

Mynameisburns site profile image  

2/20/10 8:21 PM by Mynameisburns

Do it for Eric!!!!!

DanasDaddy site profile image  

2/20/10 8:05 PM by DanasDaddy

Mine was a question. Had his opponent ever had a fight before...just curious.

bruddahoodaman site profile image  

2/20/10 8:01 PM by bruddahoodaman

i have been the fat guy for many great fighters.

Barocked Armbama site profile image  

2/20/10 7:56 PM by Barocked Armbama

wow they're some real haters here. Post your fights on here, then talk shit.

DanasDaddy site profile image  

2/20/10 7:54 PM by DanasDaddy

Another win over a guy making his amateur debut???

painbringer666 site profile image  

2/20/10 7:37 PM by painbringer666

BS stoppage

LMFAO site profile image  

2/20/10 7:06 PM by LMFAO

in england we have saying "he loooks complelty fucking gash"