UFC stars to host UFC 111 in theaters

source: ufc.com

For the first time in UFC® history, UFC fans can head to their local movie theater and take in all the action in the Octagon™, live (10 pm ET/7 pm PT) and broadcast in high definition on the big screen with UFC 111: St- Pierre vs. Hardy.

In addition, fighters throughout the country will be hosting the evening with Q&A, autograph and other fan sessions. Listings are below -- check back often as new fighters are being confirmed.

Matt Wiman
Century 20 Downtown Redwood City
825 Middlefield Rd. - REDWOOD CITY

Anthony Johnson
San Jose Oakridge 20
925 Blossom Hill Rd. - SAN JOSE

Cole Miller
Magnolia Place 16
9645 Westview Dr. - CORAL SPRINGS

Clay Guida
Kerasotes Chicago Webster Place Theater
1471 W Webster Ave - CHICAGO

Tim Credeur
Hollywood Stadium 14
69348 Highway 21 - COVINGTON

Chris Tuchscherer
Kerasotes Block E Theater
600 Hennepin Ave - MINNEAPOLIS

Jason Brilz
Village Pointe Cinemas
304 N 174th St - OMAHA

Todd Duffee
Santa Fe Station 16
4949 N Rancho Dr. - LAS VEGAS

Chuck Liddell, Matt Serra and Stephan Bonnar
Radio City Music Hall - tickets available through Ticketmaster
1260 Avenue of the Americas - NEW YORK CITY

Eric Schafer
The Majestic Cinema
770 N Springdale Rd - WAUKESHA

For tickets or to find a theater near you, click here. (Also at select theaters in Canada through Cineplex.)

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Recent Comments »

goku site profile image  

3/19/10 12:53 PM by goku

 if it was regular movie price i would have definitely checked it out...i was saying the ufc should do fathom events for years...but the price just isnt justified when i can go to a bar and get food and drinks all for the same price...

crowbar site profile image  

3/19/10 11:43 AM by crowbar

I`m with you on this one Goku.I`m having to make spending adjustments at this time,and as soon as the sports bar that I currently go to starts having a cover charge,I`m going straight to the theater. I want to check it out anyway.I`m a big fan of big screen tv.    

DJLastCall site profile image  

3/19/10 11:34 AM by DJLastCall

Showing the UFC in movie theaters meets Washington State's definition of "closed circuit television"....and the state would get a cut of the revenue.No surprise it isn't happening here.

goku site profile image  

3/19/10 10:59 AM by goku

 the better way to feel it out is to start low and create a buzz imo....by starting with the prices so high and desperately scrambling to add fighter hosts it just wreaks of greed

crowbar site profile image  

3/19/10 10:18 AM by crowbar

When the UFC gets the feedback & receipts from participating theaters,I`m pretty sure that they will look into having more fighter hosted shows.I look at this as just a feeling out process by Zuffa.

Kirik site profile image  

3/18/10 10:44 PM by Kirik

 List of fighter hosted events is expanding :-)

studiocamp site profile image  

3/16/10 3:58 PM by studiocamp

For $20 it should be in 3D on IMAX screens. It would be cool if they showed it at drive-ins.

goku site profile image  

3/16/10 3:35 PM by goku

 looks like they actually reduced the prices from 25-20...a step in the right direction...drop it another 5 and they will prolly sell out

FightFan23 site profile image  

3/16/10 11:25 AM by FightFan23

Im definitely going... im gonna bring a waterbottle full of vodka, get hammered, and watch some fights. Plus ive watched fights with serra before, this guy is nonstop funny.

goku site profile image  

3/16/10 11:15 AM by goku

lol..i just checked which seats were left and 80-90% are still left...