Rory Markham fined $1,000 for being 6 lbs over weight

by Dann Stupp | source:

Rory Markham was issued a i$1,000 fine for missing weight during Friday's official UFC 111 weigh-ins. The fine, representing 12.5% of his show money (win money s not effected), will be paid to opponent Nick Diaz. UndeJSAC rules, Diaz could have declined the fight, and still received his show money.

Markham weighed 177 pounds, which was six pounds over the 171-pound limit for welterweight fights. Markham's trainer Pat Miletich noted that this is only the second time one of his fighters has missed weight in 15 years, and aptly described the cut as having gone "haywire."

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JustPeed site profile image  

3/27/10 2:57 PM by JustPeed

What did Anthony Johnson get fined when he came in ridiculously over a couple months back on the Machida/Shogun card, actually I think he came in at 177 too, right?

JustPeed site profile image  

3/27/10 2:57 PM by JustPeed

Here's Militech's excuse..

BruceLeeMMAfighting site profile image  

3/27/10 1:59 PM by BruceLeeMMAfighting

You can basically use that excuse for anything since it's unverifiable.What we do know is that Nate is at a severe disadvantage strength/power wise and it also may give Markham an ability to power out of some of Nate's subs.Not to mention a loss on Nate's record is never good.I've always liked Markham but this was very unprofessional of him. Miletich guys are usually very good about making weight and being professional about it.

bruddahoodaman site profile image  

3/27/10 1:52 PM by bruddahoodaman

i hate nate diaz's attitude, but i give him props for taking the fight anyway.

Clichy site profile image  

3/27/10 1:47 PM by Clichy

I am sure Dana sweetened the pot with a locker room bonus.

JiuJitsuLifeMH site profile image  

3/27/10 1:42 PM by JiuJitsuLifeMH

1,000 dollars for missing 7 lbs? Shit, to have that much of an advantage its more than worth 1k.Respect to Nate for still taking the fight, I've never questioned his toughness.

grenade site profile image  

3/27/10 1:36 PM by grenade

1,000 dollars.that's a slap on the wrist. 7 pounds over weight is ridiculous, and he should be fined atleast 50%

BruceLeeMMAfighting site profile image  

3/27/10 1:32 PM by BruceLeeMMAfighting

No.He is still better off if he wins (with 12.5 penalty) then if he lost (without penalty). Basically there is an incentive to get this advantage/cheat.If you look at the McDonald fight. Wilson Gouveia came in 4 lbs overweight after coming down from 205 for this fight. In other words he was a huge 185er. I believe this was the headliner of the UFN IIRC.Jason McDonald like a trooper took the fight then got beatdown by the 205 power punches of Gouveia. So McDonald even with Gouveia's penalty made less money losing than if he would have won. And Gouveia made more money than if he had lost.Not only that but that gave MacDonald a loss, which was followed up by a TKO elbow cut loss (from a preexisiting cut) to Nate Quarry (which was another fight McDonald stepped up and took like a trooper instead of pulling out with injury) and 2 straight losses and he was out of the UFC.Basically stepping up to fight at such a disadvantage for the team did McDonald zero good and was beneficial to Wilson Gouveia at the time.

MurdochIRL site profile image  

3/27/10 1:17 PM by MurdochIRL