Paul Taylor out of today's UFC 112 bout


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Shawn Tompkins: UnBelievable!!!!!!!!!!!! We get on bus to event and they tell us fight is off...... Paul [Taylor] can't fight, something bad happened in his weight cut... This is Bullshit!!!!


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armbarring site profile image  

4/10/10 2:06 PM by armbarring

argh migraine just thinking about it makes me want to go lay down. i understand why he isnt fighting.

warmonky site profile image  

4/10/10 1:33 PM by warmonky

Are they hereditary because when my mom gets them she cant function?

RedCoat site profile image  

4/10/10 12:49 PM by RedCoat

You know it had to be a fucking terrible migraine for someone like Taylor to drop out.It's a fucking shame because Taylor of all people would have put on one hell of a fight. Well considering Gunderson didn't go straight to pull guard.

Dougie site profile image  

4/10/10 12:41 PM by Dougie

 Tompkins is there for his fighters, physically, emotionally, mentally. The guy is an awesome cornerman.

William Colosimo site profile image  

4/10/10 12:37 PM by William Colosimo

Believe it, brother

ramit upper site profile image  

4/10/10 12:14 PM by ramit upper

 my first time  i thought my left eye was going to pop out! just for the record ive had a cracked skull,internal bleeding,blood clot on the brain & bruising of the brain..    & NONE of them felt as bad as a migraine!!     edit-      ive also had my jaw broken,been stabbed in the eye with a broken bottle & had my nose smashed with a baseball bat!..       & migraine was worse!!!

drawp site profile image  

4/10/10 12:06 PM by drawp

thats horrible. I understand the migraines though I just hope its not related to another serious problem (maybe a brain injury such as PCS)

goku site profile image  

4/10/10 12:05 PM by goku

 time for dana to call delghani

warmonky site profile image  

4/10/10 12:04 PM by warmonky

When i get it one of my eyes shuts halfway closed.

Altofsky site profile image  

4/10/10 11:58 AM by Altofsky