TUF 11 Uscola vs Attonito stoppage controversy

source: ufc.com

In TUF 11, Episode 4, Kyacey Uscola and Rich Attonito square off. The two trade right hands in the early going, but the action is sporadic until Attonito lands upstairs in the second minute and drops Uscola. Attonito immediately moves in for the finish and fires away with both hands. Uscola is able to weather the storm and get back to his feet, but a big slam by Attonito puts him in trouble again. Amazingly, Uscola grabs Attonito’s arm and reverses position, ending up in side control against the fence. In an ensuing scramble though, Uscola knees his downed opponent to the head, and with Attonito unable to continue, he is disqualified.

“After that second one hit me, everything got real fuzzy,” said Attonito. “At that point it took me a few minutes to get my faculties about me.”

“He was looking for a way out,” said an inconsolable Uscola. “I respect Rich as a person but not as a fighter right now.”

The now 0-4 Ortiz is even angrier at the turn of events, and a door in the new gym is the casualty of his anger.

The legality of both the knees and the slam werehotly debated among the fans.

You decide.



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Recent Comments »

phanteron site profile image  

4/24/10 10:29 AM by phanteron

thats a shit starter right there :)

Haulport site profile image  

4/24/10 10:03 AM by Haulport

How the FUCK could you call that illegal? He didn't spike him on top of his head!!! The way he landed was no different that if he had given him a Severn-esque belly-toback suplex. WTF???  

kelby site profile image  

4/24/10 1:30 AM by kelby

<blockquote>SRTGEO - <blockquote>kelby - he went for the knee because he was getting his ass whopped. there is no way in hell you can get a broken hand from a knee.</blockquote>Really? Explain...<br /> </blockquote><br />you explain how to break a hand with a knee. the way the gif was showed. it clearly was not the case. he was hitting knocking him around the whole time. that was what broke the hand. look closer and you'll see the hands don't really touch the knees. grazed but, nothing hard. <br />i have never heard of a hand being broken from a knee. not in mma anyway. i got kneed in a fight blocked with my hands. never really felt anything on my head. what ko'd me was the knee on my head. but, i woke up with no broken bones in my hand.

v12 site profile image  

4/24/10 12:35 AM by v12

With sound you can hear the someone (Hackleman?) warn "watch the knees" or something to that effect after the first knee. The second looks to have missed but since Rich moved as it was coming in and they were near the blue corner and its instant protest the ref rushed in to stop the fight. I think it was a bad stoppage, but what do I know.....

jason hornbuckle site profile image  

4/24/10 12:08 AM by jason hornbuckle

^ great point

808AK site profile image  

4/23/10 9:40 PM by 808AK

He had a high crotch but his opponent also had a Kimura. I thought if someone had a hold on and gets spiked its legal because he has control of whats happening. If he had let go of the Kimura, he wouldn't have gotten dropped on his head.Thats what was explained to me at a rules meeting in Nevada last year.

jkennedy site profile image  

4/23/10 9:39 PM by jkennedy

This sums it up nicely, you could argue that the first knee was meant for the body but its a hard sell.

soldierdad5417 site profile image  

4/23/10 9:19 PM by soldierdad5417

 I don't know what you guys are complaining about. Varner did the same thing to Cerrone when they fought and nobody said anything. He was getting his ass handed to him and then we was like "ouchie, I got kneed in the face" cause he knew he was gonna lose. This was a fight on TUF, who cares. It was an illegal knee and it didn't hit my head or any of yours, so who's to say how bad it hurt the dude. Not gonna lie, glad to see him go.

JFA1 site profile image  

4/23/10 3:44 PM by JFA1

I saw 3 fouls. Spike and 2 illegal knees. The knees didn't land but were aimed to the head.