Shine event cancelled; MMA debut for Mayorga off

by John Morgan | source:

Just hours after Shine Fights broadcaster Karyn Bryant informed the world that Ricardo Mayorga had been officially pulled from tonight's Shine Fights pay-per-view event, the entire event has been scrapped.


"[North Carolina] commission cancels Shine Fights," Bryant posted on her Twitter account.


Shine Fights officials have yet to make an official announcement, but ( has confirmed with sources close to the event that the ring at the Fayetteville, N.C., venue that was to house the event is already being dismantled, and tonight's pay-per-view event has been scrapped.


The North Carolina Boxing Authority officials weren't immediately available for comment.


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HOLLYWOOD-MO site profile image  

5/16/10 10:54 PM by HOLLYWOOD-MO

More to do with mistakes of rival organizations. Very little to nothing of what happened with Shine.

IronShin site profile image  

5/16/10 10:25 PM by IronShin

check out this follow up story about Shine fights and the mistakes made....

HOLLYWOOD-MO site profile image  

5/16/10 12:21 PM by HOLLYWOOD-MO

Actually, what the AC did was PERFECT. Im glad every fight was cancelled. Its unfortunate for the fighters, but it's 100% the Shine promoters fault.

HOLLYWOOD-MO site profile image  

5/16/10 12:18 PM by HOLLYWOOD-MO

Are you kidding me? You are saying the Shine promoters were too stupid to realize that a fighter contracted with a rival promoter may not be able to partake on Shine's show? Bullshit. They knew this shit would go down like this. They promoted the event in hopes of selling as many tix and ppv's as possible...hoping the injunction would ONLY cancel the Mayorga fight, and the event would continue as planned.They wanted to pull some Bush League con over on MMA fans. This is EXACTLY what Dana White is talking about. You got every Tom Dick and Harry trying to come up off of MMA through scams like this

HOLLYWOOD-MO site profile image  

5/16/10 12:13 PM by HOLLYWOOD-MO

ONE FUCKING PERSON on this entire threat who has sense. Lol at all the idiots jumping on the "Lets hat Don King" bandwagon. Mayorga was LEGALLY under contract with DKP. He made a shitload of money with Don King. He should be allowed to breach his contract so to fight Din Thomas because some promoter tried to pull one over on fans?

Granpa site profile image  

5/16/10 11:22 AM by Granpa

I feel bad for Din. He's been training so hard for this fight, and that training's not free.

Bobby Lupo site profile image  

5/16/10 11:20 AM by Bobby Lupo

 I've been saying for months that this fight would never happen. One look at Mayorga at the weigh in and you could tell that he never thought this was going to happen. The question is: was it a perfect storm of bush league matchmaking and Don King being Don King or was it a screwjob from the beginning?

DiegoGaggedOnBJ site profile image  

5/16/10 10:51 AM by DiegoGaggedOnBJ

lol @ the Dana pic as the second reply.Well, well, well.

GUNGFU BRUCE site profile image  

5/16/10 10:18 AM by GUNGFU BRUCE

Bunch of bullsh*t,f*ck Don King!

RangerDanger site profile image  

5/15/10 10:37 PM by RangerDanger

I could be wrong here....but if Shine had promoted Mayorga as a legitimate mixed martial artist, and not as MMA vs Boxing....then maybe he would have been able to fight??...promoting him as a boxer would be in breach of his contract with DKP but as a mixed martial artist no since he is not boxing.... maybe?