Arona met with Dana White at UFC 114

by Mike Chiapetta | source: The Underground

From:  Mike Chiappetta
Posted: 6 hours ago
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I talked to Ricardo in the pressroom and he said he was going to meet with Dana after the press conference ended. He really wants to sign with UFC.

Sure enough, they walked off together after Ariel Helwani finished interviewing Dana.


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Ippon Seoinage site profile image  

5/31/10 11:46 PM by Ippon Seoinage

I am a fan of Ricardo Arona and wish him the bestI wouldn't mind seeing come stateside with ATT orBlackhouse and see what he looks like in the octagon.If he is trained motivated and healthy arona ia a danger to anyone @ 205 especially with the elbows etc.

thefightingsheep site profile image  

5/31/10 5:18 PM by thefightingsheep

 People who think Overeem and Fedor are the best HWs in the world should be pretty excited to see Arona getting signed.

BUFFGEO site profile image  

5/31/10 12:56 AM by BUFFGEO

Arona is tough as nails, great takedowns and probably the most dominant top position fighter out thereThat being said I sure hope he doesnt fall victim to the 'Pride curse' of clean living.Lets face it, no way he'd pass a test and its a big part of his style. may be to much of a change for himi hope not, would LOVE to see him in the UFC and do well... one of my fav's

PrinceAlbert site profile image  

5/31/10 12:01 AM by PrinceAlbert

I talked to him last night as well, asked him if he was coming to the UFC. His English isn't the best but basically he said I hope so, it's looking like the door is open. He should be a middle weight in the UFC though, judging by his frame/height.

EBM site profile image  

5/30/10 11:55 PM by EBM

Ricardo Arona Sunday 30th of May 2010 04:04 PM By Eduardo Ferreira At UFC backstage, followed Ricardo Arona during his chat with UFC president Dana White. After the talk, the Brazilian fighter spoke with TATAME’s editor Eduardo Ferreira and revealed he’ll negotiate with the event. “He said the doors were opened to me, but he would have to consult first his manager. It was much better than I expected”, Arona said, in the interview blow.   How was your chat with Dana White?   It was better than I expected, because he is a very busy guy, we’ve been seeing this great event, a great show he is promoting. It was a while since we last spoke and there were some rumors in the internet, some interviews… What really happened was that he said he was really glad to see me here, asked about my last fight, where it was, how it was and I told him and also said I wanted an opportunity to rejoin the event on the end of the year, a chance to be here and he said he wanted me on his event, that I have a space for me here on his event and that he only had to talk to his manager and then we would set things up. He said the doors were opened to me, but he would have to consult first his manager. It was much better than I expected, he was really honest and friendly, so it’s enough for me to come back to the hard trainings with an extra energy.   We can see your happiness just by looking at your face…   It’s more than happiness, it’s a motivation for all my trainings from today on. That’s what I needed to hear. He said we have to keep in touch, so I just have to follow these steps to come closer to the treasure.   Do you believe it can happen before the end of the year, since you’re coming from an injury?   First I have to worry about my knee recover and I said to him it would be a good thing for me to do a comeback on the end of the year and he said it’d be ok. He told me to take care of my knee while he consults his manager. He was very friendly and honest and so was I and now what I have to do is to keep in touch with him and I’m much closer than I expected.   Your division has a lot of tough guys… Who would you like to confront first? Maybe a rematch against Rampage?   On this new phase I intend to fight against whoever they tell me to, I’m not going to start pointing out names. All of them are in a great level, so I have to worry about my conditioning, so I don’t want to chose no one, but I’ll fight against whoever they want me to.   Where will you train, with the Nogueira brothers or in your house at Itacoatiara?   I was just talking about it with my friends here, they told me I have to get out of Itacoatiara (Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro) a bit, to change things and they are right. For now I’ll be there and I’ll try to do a strengthening work.

dios site profile image  

5/30/10 11:53 PM by dios

arona is such a good looking guy (no homo)

Xad site profile image  

5/30/10 11:45 PM by Xad

EBM site profile image  

5/30/10 11:42 PM by EBM

At 5:40

EBM site profile image  

5/30/10 11:33 PM by EBM

Can someone fully translate?I got parts, here and there. He goes on to say that he did talk with Dana and talks went much better than expected. He's ready to fight - anytime - anywhere.

McLeod site profile image  

5/30/10 11:17 PM by McLeod

I like arona, but I gotta agree... he is a JD BJJ fighter.