Thompson confirms Noble paid purse from Shine

source: The Underground

From:  kidpresentable
Posted: 25 minutes ago
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Let it be known that Shine paid Derrick Noble in full. Shine lost an arm and a leg and took care of the fighters at their own expense. For all the bad press that Shine has received, I don't think many organizations would have done the same.

If asked, me and/or the fighters I represent will happily fight for Shine in the future.

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Oddessa site profile image  

6/2/10 1:25 PM by Oddessa

love the going out on limb..but nope...originally from tri-state area...lived outside the USA  for past decade....and here's the real kicker... for the people that know me...I have never stepped foot in a Las Vegas Casino or state of Nevada in the 40 long years of my life... 

ThreePutts site profile image  

6/2/10 1:14 PM by ThreePutts

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say you are from the south...

kidpresentable site profile image  

6/2/10 1:07 PM by kidpresentable

No worries Joey. I didn't take it offensively in the least. And frontrowbrian, just because you are in the minority of people who do the right thing, doesn't make said thing brag worthy.

UKMORROCKANROLL site profile image  

6/2/10 12:46 PM by UKMORROCKANROLL

Considering a huge % of the United States population has been arrested, in jail, or broken the law at some point in life I would have to agree with you frontrow. The UK and the rest of the world is no better though. People suck. Looking up the Cris Rock video now. Please post if you have link.

JasonVee site profile image  

6/2/10 12:43 PM by JasonVee

No. No it isn't.

frontrowbrian site profile image  

6/2/10 12:35 PM by frontrowbrian

 In many areas, mostly in large urban areas, taking care of your kids and not having been in jail is actually something worthy of bragging about.

Uncle Justice site profile image  

6/2/10 12:33 PM by Uncle Justice

 Nothing will ever excuse the cancellation of Shine 3, but I think the only way Shine can man up and start to rebuild their image is with little things like this.  I know they paid Din Thomas as well, but I think Eduardo Alonso's last tweet indicated that Ninja hasn't been paid yet. As a Shine supporter, I agree that this isn't as much of a huge tribute to Shine as it is the avoidance of not paying the fighters, which would have rightfully infuriated many.

DanasDaddy site profile image  

6/2/10 12:23 PM by DanasDaddy

Shine owes many people money. Fighters and MANY others. Pay everyone and then start talking about a next event.

Oddessa site profile image  

6/2/10 12:17 PM by Oddessa

I'm glad they paid paid Nick. This wasnt a direct  attack on Shine (rather a statrement on how I believe people shouldnt be held up or ever stiffed) ...and obviously not a shot at you so  please dont think I was taking shots at either. You know I'm always cool with you and a fan.  If they paid and they were getting bashed I agree the record should be set straight on the matter. I was just voicing my opinion on people getting paid for work and time. Its all good and like I said, I support anyone that pays and even makes an effort to pay their debts. I really was looking forward to the event...was alot of interst in it offshore obviously at the casinos largely due to Mayorga being from Nicaragua/Costa Rica (pending on day of the week) and was vocal that I felt Mayorga vs Din was appealing to many people including myself. All the best of success to you Nick. Want to see you get back in there and rack up some wins and get some well deserved money and support.  

kidpresentable site profile image  

6/2/10 4:31 AM by kidpresentable

 Haven't been yet.  I moved a couple hours away for work.  I think I am going to try and go when i am home this weekend :)