Former fighters among judges for UFC 115

by Jordan Breen | source:

UFC 115 will be officiated by familiar faces, including some Octagon veterans.


Vancouver Athletic Commission chairman Mirko Mladenovic confirmed the assignments to on Tuesday.


The refereeing roster for the event will also include Quebec's Yves Lavigne, as well as local Vancouver referees Kevin Dornan and Tony Williamson. Three other judges will score Saturday night's card: Tony Weeks of Nevada and two other B.C. fighters-turned-judges, Chris Franco and Lance Gibson.

Mahood, Franco and Gibson are all pioneers for MMA in western Canada as fighters, trainers and activists. Mahood is perhaps best known for his June 2005 UFC bout against Forrest Griffin, while Gibson himself is a two-time UFC veteran, having fought Jermaine Andre and the late Evan Tanner in the Octagon in 2000.


Mahood recently retired from active competition and has become involved in the regulatory side of the sport in British Columbia, starting the MMA Association of British Columbia (MMABC), the province's amateur sanctioning body. This will be the first major assignment for the 10-year MMA vet, whose resume thus far is comprised largely of local amateur and pro cards.

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Uncle Justice site profile image  

6/10/10 8:59 AM by Uncle Justice

 Just the fact that we're aware and putting emphasis on WHO is judging the fights shows a good, baby step forward. Breen deserves credit for doing an article on this, and I love when he lists out every decision rendered by each judge in a fight that was anywhere close to controversial. It's a simple matter of starting to measure performance and hold people accountable.

mmabbn site profile image  

6/10/10 5:28 AM by mmabbn

I would think they would not allow them to judge former or current teammates. As well any other association they have with other fighters. Saying that, it is the government doing it so you can expect them to screw it up.

The Alaskan Assassin site profile image  

6/9/10 7:46 PM by The Alaskan Assassin

With fighters judging we will see less crazy decisions but I wonder if there may be some crazy decisions due to the buddy/bro factor?

Slapsymaxi site profile image  

6/9/10 7:35 PM by Slapsymaxi

And Bill Mahood...Didn't he get busted for steroids? Total about face on him from the AC then, no?Max

KirikMyName! site profile image  

6/9/10 7:19 PM by KirikMyName!

Good to hear. Does Hume still judge? Is he on good terms with UFC?

Hessian site profile image  

6/9/10 6:18 PM by Hessian

well done ZUFFA

LTL site profile image  

6/9/10 4:49 PM by LTL

Thanks Mom.Not trying to stir anything up. Much respect to both guys. I am just a bit behind on my Vancouver MMA scene and remember their split.

xcouturefan site profile image  

6/9/10 4:40 PM by xcouturefan

Dave Meltzer has judged events before.Not a fighter but someone who knows the sport.

scrappydoo site profile image  

6/9/10 4:37 PM by scrappydoo

They get along just fine. Dont try to make something when there isnt.

Peoria Athletic Club site profile image  

6/9/10 4:33 PM by Peoria Athletic Club

i took 114 UFC's for this to happen?Its a good move... the judging has been aweful.