McSweeney wants TUF 11 Finale loss overturned

by Steven Marrocco | source:

Lex McMahon, McSweeney's manager, today told that he intends to file an appeal this week with the Nevada State Athletic Commission, contending that his fighter was hit with several illegal elbows during a loss to Travis Browne this past Saturday at The Ultimate Fighter 11 finale

Referee Kim Winslow halted the bout at the 4:32 mark of the first round after Browne established the mount position and rained down punches. McMahon, who watched the fight live, said the illegal elbows came midway through the round when Browne put his client on the canvas with a hard kick and delivered punishment from top position while the fighters were against the cage.

McMahon wants the fight overturned to a "no contest," though he acknowledges it's unlikely the NSAC will do so.

NSAC Executive Director Keith Kizer told that he has yet to receive McMahon's complaint. When he does, he will forward it to the Nevada Attorney General's office, where it will be decided if the fight's decision deserves an appeal hearing.

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6/26/10 7:41 PM by Utah get me two


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6/26/10 7:32 PM by FCM

Yeh, on Gay night so his fellow faggots can blow him for entry.

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6/26/10 7:21 PM by Utah get me two

Maybe Frank Mir can help him get hired as a doorman at a strip club.

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6/25/10 5:45 AM by FCM

Thanks for that.I've just forwarded that to BLAF.McSweeney talks about who 'deserves' success in the industry.Well he sure as fuck isnt one of those people.Fucking unprofessional , limey , fronting wanker.

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6/25/10 12:31 AM by Arecsa

LOL @ butthurt McSweeney still bitching about this loss. What a fucking douche.

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6/24/10 12:56 PM by jqvwxyz

First off, even when appeals are legit, they never work. Why bother, just makes you look like a sore loser/jackass.Secondly, I watched this fight last night, and didn't see any illegal strikes. Is he saying it was an elbow to the back of the head? His corner was yelling at the ref that a couple were back of the head, but the ref was right in there doing a good job, and nothing actually hit back of head.Maybe he was referring to downward, 12-6 elbows. Some were close to that, but they were very slightly arcing. So with the way that rule is normally enforced, they wouldn't be illegal.

Uncle Justice site profile image  

6/24/10 9:51 AM by Uncle Justice

 I strongly disagree with all the disrespect being shown to McSweeney here, but thus is the UG. Either way, I'm very baffled by his claims that any rules were broken after watching the fight... but I guess since that means he might want to kick my ass for being unsure, it would explain some of the animosity being shown.

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6/24/10 9:49 AM by Mica Kizbig

Id like to appeal his contract.

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6/24/10 9:47 AM by Blazing Knees

 look at that fucking atrocitie  ^^^^^^

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6/24/10 9:46 AM by Blazing Knees

 He so stupid he can't even think of an original nickname. " The hammer?" What the fuck is that tattoo on him? It Looks like an angry millipede with cocks attached where the legs should be.