Baroni: Salter's jaw is going to the tenth row

by David Herbert | source:

Making his return to middleweight, Phil Baroni will be taking on a skilled wrestler in John Salter at UFC 118 in Boston. Salter is coming off a fresh victory over Jason Macdonald. As usual, Baroni is ready to lay it all on the line. Phil talks about training in Thailand and NOT retiring.

Dave Herbert: Now, you are basically laying it all on the linefor this next fight against John Salter. How are you going into this fight mentally?

NYBA: Yeah man, story of my life. That has been my career for the past 7 years. I've been here before; nothing new. I'm going in all or nothing, but I don't feel any added pressure. I'm just going to put on an exciting fight, like always. It will be interesting to see how all those Red Sox fans treat me. Going into hostile territory.

DH: What made you decide to come back to 185 for this fight?

NYBA: I feel better fighting at 185. I'm 210 right now. There's no way I can make 170. I'm not ruling it out, but right now I think this is where I need to be.

DH: You were training out at Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket, Thailand for a while. Do you feel training there has improved your standup?

NYBA: It improved my Muay Thai. I fixed alot of problems I was having with the clinch. They treated me very well out there. I trained hard twice a day but it was like a vacation; a training vacation.

Ray is a great guy. He took care of me out there.

DH: How is your ground game these days?

NYBA: I have been working on my ground game for the last 10 years. It's getting better.

DH: He is most likely going to try and take you down and use his wrestling.

NYBA: He can try to take me down. I got a short right for him.

DH: Well between the clinch training in Phuket and working with Randy and the pedigree of guys out at Xtreme Couture, I don't think it will be a problem for you. Should I sit in the sixth row to catch his jaw?

NYBA: (laughs) You're going to need to sit in the tenth row.

DH: There was a rumor that started with a tweet you made on twitter. It was that you might retire. Is that likely to happen if you don't pull out the victory in this next fight?

NYBA: Nah, I'm a fighter bro. What else am I going to do, be a fuckin bellhop? I've juggled the thought but I'm a fighter, that's what I do. I'm gonna ride this shit till the wheels fall off bro.

DH: Thanks again, Phil and good luck. Anything else?

NYBA: Just want to let my fans know that I am going to go in there guns blazing. Going to give it my all. Thanks for all those who have supported me over the years.

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BUDDHASPORT site profile image  

7/22/10 4:55 PM by BUDDHASPORT


Joe Ray Fan site profile image  

7/22/10 3:37 PM by Joe Ray Fan

I know the guy is good, but you have to understand that the UFC had the opportunity to do something special by doing Boston vs NY in Boston with 2 guys that are gonna throw bones. The crowd would be epic. Phil vs a G&P wrestler with subs is not the ideal matchup from my perspective.   

Swock Breath site profile image  

7/22/10 1:07 PM by Swock Breath

 You're a douche. 

whoabro site profile image  

7/22/10 12:41 PM by whoabro

Phil seems like a nice guy and I've always appreciated his honesty and self-awareness. Hope he gets the W!

BlazerinTraining site profile image  

7/22/10 12:35 PM by BlazerinTraining

Shut up Strangle.... you fugly pos. Salter is coming out to Shania Twains "Man I feel like a woman" Hope the beach is treating you well.... Had my first roll with Conolly yesterday in a while. I'm getting better at defending submissions... lol

Stranglehold26 site profile image  

7/22/10 11:40 AM by Stranglehold26

there are also rumors circulating that Salter will steal some of Baroni's entrance thunder by coming out in a Crimson Tide red robe with D&G sunglasses on and Sweet Home Alabama playing...just rumors though.

Stranglehold26 site profile image  

7/22/10 11:39 AM by Stranglehold26

Ask Roberto Traven about Salter's lay and pray...oh wait, Salter knocked him clean out standing up, after flattening him twice all in the first round.Salter uses his wrestling to set up a finish. he has NEVER been in a fight that has gone to a decision if my memory serves me correctly.Salter..BY MURDER

jodienda site profile image  

7/22/10 11:37 AM by jodienda

TTT for the Gassin Assassin!

Stranglehold26 site profile image  

7/22/10 11:36 AM by Stranglehold26

Salter by GnP unless he feels like taking baroni's arm home with him. Salter has an arsenal of VERY slick kneebars and other leglocks...Baroni is gonna end the night in Pain.